Fishing Kayaks You Can Stand In

by frank on December 1, 2013

Hey, we got some of the best fishing kayaks you can stand in listed through-out this page. If you are wondering what the advantages are of being able to stand-up and fish on a kayak then you can also find that information here as well.

The main advantage should be obvious if you think about it. When standing, your field of vision will increase 100 fold compared to only being able to sit. These means you will have the ability to see where the fish allowing you to either cast to them or bring your kayak closer.

In our opinion, one of the best stand kayaks available today is the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler, which comes in both a 12-foot and 14-foot version. So many positive things to mention about this one, too much to say here. Read the full review here.

Hobie you can stand up in

Hobie Pro Angler Stand Up and Fish

More advantages: Besides being able to sight fish better, standing will also help improve your logistics on the water. Imagine you’re out fishing a marshy area covered with high vegetation. If you need to find your way into a back pond where you hear the bass are hitting hard you might have a hard time finding your way around if you can only sit. But being able to stand-up and look over the vegetation is going to make your ability to navigate much easier and get you there faster.

Even if you’re standing only to give your back side a rest from sitting all day this is a great feature to have in a fishing kayak that you can stand up in.

The Old Town Predator 13 - This is a big strong sturdy kayak that will provide you with great stability when standing. There’s mainly great features built into this one of them is the slip-resistant eco-ridge deck to help make you feel extra secure.

Old Town Predator 13 stand up


If you are interested in buying the Old Town Predator 13 kayak here’s a sweet little review we prepare a couple months ago that compares this Predator 13 model to the also popular Old Town MX. See how they compare.

Here’s a nice little review video that goes over some of the main features and shows the stability of the Predator 13

Native Watercraft Slayer 12 – This one comes in a lot of different colors, such as: Sand, Mango, Firebrick and Blue Lagoon so make sure you find your favorite color before buying. The kayak has ample room to stand in and carry all your gear. It’s a 12 foot fishing kayak that can carry up to 400 pounds. Need more detailed information? Read our review!!!

Kayaks you can stand in review

The Native Watercraft Slayer 12-Footer

Native Manta Ray 12 - There’s really nice seating on this model so you will face the difficult decision of whether to stand or stay seated.  It comes in many different colors the image below shows the cameo version.

Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak Camo review

Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak Camo review

If you are interest in a fishing kayak you can stand in please visit, we will be adding more models to our review list as time permits. Visit our homepage here to learn what’s new in kayak fishing.

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