Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 Kayak with rudder review

by frank on December 16, 2013

Touring, Fishing, Camping: This is a versatile Kayak

Back a few days ago we were busy reading and collecting information in order to provided a list of recommended kayaks for tall people. One of these recommendations was the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165, which is essentially a touring kayak but is also versatile enough to serve as a fishing kayak.

Since we were only able to provide limited information then, now, we would like to expand and give a more in depth review of this Wilderness Systems touring kayak.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 Kayak

Versatile Touring Kayak

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Main Features of the Tsunami 165 Kayak

Information on the dimensions, rudder, storage capacity, cockpit size.

Dimensions: Built for speed on the water with its long and lightweight design. The Tsunami 165 is 16 feet 6 inches long and under 24 inches in width (23.75 inches to be exact). This is definitely not a kayak for beginners. It’s also very lightweight for its length weighing only 63 but can carry a 350 pound load.

Rudder: You can buy this kayak with or without the rudder. Without the rudder it weighs in at 60 pounds. The rudder included adds 3 pounds to the total weight. Also, if you do want the rudder expect to pay a little more. The price difference between the rudderless and rudder included option is right around $200. If you decide to go with the rudderless model you can always add it in the future.

Cockpit size: 35.5 inches by 19.25 inches. These dimensions are somewhat large. If you are a smaller person then you might want to look for a cockpit that’s a bit smaller. Great space inside for big and tall people.

The video below provides a review of the features and also showing it in action in the water. Watching you will also get a better understanding of how long it is.

Storage Capacity: This is one of the major reasons why this touring kayak is so versatile and why many people have found this also makes a great fishing fishing kayak choice for large people. In total there are three waterproof storage areas, one in both the front and rear and a smaller hatch near the cockpit. There’s also bungee areas for extra storage capacity on the front on back

Tsunami 165 Kayak Who Should Buy 

Touring, fishing and camping. If you are into any or all of these activities, check it out and put it on your list of possible choices.

This is definitely not a good kayak for beginners. This is also not a good choice for smaller people. With that said, if you are a larger person looking for a versatile touring kayak with a large comfortable cockpit which can also double as a fishing kayak or one that you could easily take on river camping expeditions, then the Tsunami 165 is worth your consideration.

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RobertNYC December 20, 2013 at 6:14 am

I’m a 210 pound guy and it’s harder for me to find Kayaks I can fit into comfortably. This looks it might be a good fit, and I especially like the fact that it has a multi-chine hull which adds stability and makes it ideal for fishing. Add to that the three waterproof storage areas for keeping snacks dry and you may see yours truly paddling up the Hudson, which more people are doing these days.

Rob L


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