Top Reasons to Buy a Fishing Kayak

by frank on December 29, 2013

The Best Reasons to Buy a Fishing Kayak or Not

Just the facts to help you decide if this is the right purchase decision for you!!!  And if you decide YES IT IS RIGHT FOR ME, then take a look at our homepage where you will find interactive tables designed to help you find the best fit for you.

Before going into the reasons to buy, we want to mention why you should not to buy a fishing kayak. These are really, really cool fishing platforms to own and kayak fishing is both a growing and exciting sport to take part in but these kayaks aren’t cheap. For a decent one, expect to spend at least $400 and many models cost over $1000 and up towards $3000.

So if can’t see and imagine yourself getting much use out of something like this, don’t spend $400 or more on a whim when you know the kayak is only going to end up taking up storage space and collecting dust in your garage. Just be honest with yourself before you decide to buy.

But I’m a Person who Fishes a lot

OK if you say so, great!!! But a pair of waders or a motorboat might be more your style?

If you are an avid fisherman who loves the relaxation and excitement being out on the water offers then you are a good candidate for a fishing kayak but if you are completely new to the idea, you probably have more than a few questions about the advantages it can offer you. We have put together a list of what we believe are a few of the most important ones:

Stealth – fishing kayak glide on top of the water making minimal noise, compare this to sound of a motor boat engine and vibrations produced or the sound of a man splashing through the water in waders. When fishing your goal is to catch more fish and the ability to be stealth is a huge advantage. Loud noises and vibrations, environmental disturbances tend spook and stress fish leading to less biting.

Visibility – Puts right on top of the water and this allows you to better see where the fish are. Advantages in visibility and stealth are a nice 1-2 punch for catching more fish.

Launching - Compared to a larger boat that needs a ramp you can launch a kayak from just about any access point. All you need is a break in the tree line and you found your next launching point.

Hard to Get to Fishing Spots - On a kayak you will be able to adventure through narrow waterways that a larger motorboat or even people in waders will not be able to access. Not only does this mean a great adventure but also means you will be fishing prime unpressured fish.

Low-Cost - At the top of the page I discussed how expressive fishing kayaks so let me contradict myself. Kayaks are not expensive when you consider the cost of a motor boat.

Maintenance - Very durable platforms that require minimal maintenance.

Exercise – Low impact cardiovascular exercise a great way to lose weight or stay in tip-top physical condition.

I made this list out fairly quickly so I’ve probably overlooked a few advantages

Interested in seeing some of the top models? Visit our homepage where we have interactive tables and reviews to help you decide on the best fishing kayak fit for you.


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