Top Fishing Kayaks You Can Buy

by frank on April 14, 2014

What you will find on this page is a list of our opinions on which models we think are the top fishing kayaks you can buy today.

The list is in no particular order, from best to worst. Only a random list of recommended models to help you get the most value for your money.

You will find fishing kayaks from many different companies on this page, from Hobie to Sun Dolphin, Pelican to models produced by the Old Town Canoe and Kayak Company.

You will find a variety of models with different features, built for different people. From sit-on-tops to sit-insides. Kayaks built for big guys to small guys.

Our List of Top Fishing Kayaks

The Hobie Pro Angler Kayak - If talking about the best, then no list would be complete without mentioning the Pro Angler from Hobie.

It available in both 12 foot and 14 foot models, and comes equipped with an enormous amount of different features and storage space. The Pro Angler even has pedals, in case you want to do some hands free fishing!

How much does it cost? Sticker shock! To own this model you will be spending nearly $3000. Find some cheaper models below.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Hobie Pro Angler

Read Our Pro Angler Review

Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak – Not only do we give this model very high ratings what we think is backed up by owners of the Sun Dolphin Journey. See what they think.

This model is available in both a 12 footer and a 14 footer. Need more information? Read our review.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak scuppers

Journey SS Kayak review

Read Our Review on the Journey SS

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 kayak 

If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive then the Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-Inside could be a perfect option for you.

This kayak has a price tag of around $350 and has received very positive reviews from current users. What we like about the Excursion 10, it’s tough and durable and it’s lightweight, weighing 40 pounds.

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Fishing Kayak

Top Sit Inside For the $$$

Read The Excursion 10 Review

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

If you are searching for a great tandem kayak you and your buddy can use for fishing this model from Lifetime Sport will definitely provide you with a lot of value.

What we like is it provides plenty of leg space (three anglers can actually fit) and it can carry up to 500 pounds! A fairly big load!!! And priced just under $600 isn’t too shabby either.

Two Person Fishing Kayak

Recommenced Two Person Fishing Kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher model can also be used solo and is great that it’s very stable and allows stand-up fishing. Reviewed

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler

This model has received so many positive reviews form customers that we had to add it to our list. This is a spacious kayak with a lot of different features that anglers love.

Big Fishing Kayak

Great Choice For Big Guys


Read How We Rate This Big Guy Kayak 

While, opinions do vary throughout this page we have listed our opinions on which models are the top fishing kayaks as far as value. Getting the most bang for your Buck!!!

We definitely understand that not everyone is in the position to spend $1000 or $2000 so we have included less expensive options that hold great value in our opinion.

We have also tried to provide variety from sit-on-tops, to sit-inside models, tandem kayaks and the best options for beginners, for big guys and more.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for on this page you can visit our homepage where you will find reviews on just about any style or brand available. 

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