TMS Kayak RK J – A Universal 75 pounds, 36 inches in Width

by frank on July 8, 2014

If you’re currently looking to buy a Kayak Rack for your car, SUV or whatever classification your vehicle is but you’re slightly confused which rack will best fit the crossbars on top of your vehicle, then what you need is a universal carrier like the TMS Kayak RK J.

TMS KAYAK RK J Universal Roof J Rack

Adjustable J-Style Universal Carrier

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The J-Bar style of the TMS Kayak RK also provides easier loading and unloading.

Good Choice For Everyone?

Chances are these carriers are a good choice for the majority of people but not the best choice for everyone. Who would not want to buy these?

The specifications of this product inform potential customers it was built to handle kayaks up to 75 lbs. and 36 inches in width. Most kayaks fall under these specifications requirements and therefore can be carrier.

This model should be able to carrier almost any recreational kayak on the market. I currently can not think of a single recreational model that is heavier than 75 pounds or wider than 36 inches.

Special Note to Anglers 

Before you go ahead and buy the TMS Kayak RK J. True, this model is an universal carrier, fitting the crossbars on top of your car or SUV. But please pay special attention to what you will be carrying.

Fishing kayaks are the heaviest and widest. Many of these weigh more than 75 pounds. Although uncommon, there are some that are even wider than 36 inches.

Make sure you know your specifications before you go ahead and purchase this specific. If you don’t know the exact specifications (weight and width) you can either look it up on the web or measure and weigh your kayak yourself.

TMS KAYAK RK J 1BOX  Universal Roof J Rack

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Rating and Conclusion

The TMS Kayak RK J carrier has a strong steel design and adjustable padding to accommodate many different shapes and widths and also an universal design allowing this carrier to be installed on almost any crossbars on top of a car or SUV.

Another plus about this product, they are built to also handle canoes and skies as well.

The only drawback on this model is the weight and size they are capable of handling. Your kayak must be under 75 pounds and 36 inches in width. If you fit into this criteria then this is a great inexpensive product.

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