Tetra 12 Kayak Sit-On-Top Review

by frank on December 30, 2013

Tetra 12 Kayak Review: A Recreational Kayak

Made by the company Ocean Kayak, their Tetra Series of Kayaks includes both recreational and fishing kayaks, this particular review is on the sit-on-top recreational style of the Tetra 12.

If you are interested in their fishing version, visit here.

Tetra 12 Kayak Sit-On-Top Review

Great Recreational for Calm Lakes and Surf

The first time I saw this kayak was up at my parents place in Michigan. They have a place on a small lake which they spend much of the year at. Their neighbors, a man and woman, each had a Tetra, the woman had the 10-foot version and the man had the 12-foot version which we will review here.

For those of you who would rather watch a video than read what we think, here’s the best one we could find on this model. The following video is made by the company Ocean Kayak:

Our Review 

At the beginning of this page I spoke about how the neighbors next door to my parents at their lake each owned this model. The wife was in the 10-foot and the husband was in Tetra 12 foot Kayak.

I watched them out the front window one day paddling around our area of the lake, from what I saw this sit-on-top kayak looked great, had a low profile hull with clean lines and glided nicely through the waters. Then at night, as we all sat around the fired, I was able to ask the neighbors a few questions and learn if they were satisfied with the kayaks.

They told me they bought their kayaks from a local shop. They tried out different models and the Tetra 10 and 12 models were the most comfortable, stable and the easiest to paddle.

They didn’t go into great detail but what I took away was they were completely satisfied with their purchase.

 Specs, Features, Options, Seating

This is a 12 foot 1 inch long sit-on-top kayak with a 28 inch width. It weighs 53 pounds so its fairly light weight and can carry up to 350 pounds.

  • Hybrid seating securely attached. Provides great back support and extra attention to the lumbar region.
  • Water Proof Storage area for your gear. Large bow hatch.
  • Rubber and adjustable foot braces that provide get grip even when wet.
  • Bungee areas in the front and back for extra storage.
  • Cup holder
  • Paddle keeper
  • Side mounted carrying handles
  • Drain plug

The Tetra 12 also has a couple options that can be added on before or after you buy. These options include: A rudder system which are especially helpful if you are yak’ing in high winds and the Mod Pod II kit this is something you might be interested in if you like to fish, it will allow you to turn this into a fishing kayak.

Bottom Line our Opinion 

Ocean Kayak is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. If you are interested in purchasing a sit-on-top recreational kayak then the Tetra 12 is definitely worth your consideration. You will be getting a low profile, sleek and clean hull glides through the water. Built for the surf or calm lakes and bays.

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