Sun Dolphin Three Seat Pedal Boat

by frank on May 18, 2014

Reviews, Ratings and should you Buy

This little boat has received many positive reviews and is great for taking out on a lake, or maybe even a calm bay. The full name is “Sun Dolphin Sun Slider 3 Seat Pedal Boat”, it’s available in blue and a greenish teal color. So far, the blue has been the most popular choice.

Sun Dolphin 3 Seat Pedal Boat blue

A Look From Above

This is a durable boat, both the deck and the hull are made out of super-tough and dense polyethylene material which also is UV-resistant. And you don’t need to have three people on it to operate the pedals, you can go out with two people or even alone.

Sun Dolphin 3 Seat Pedal Boat Review

Mostly Positive Opinions of this Sun Dolphin

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Important Looking at the Ratings

The majority of people who bought this peddle boat took the time to leave positive reviews. OK, seeing 5 and 4-star ratings is always a good thing. But when buying a product online you should very much pay attention to the negatives also, maybe more.

At the bottom of the image above, you see a customers left 1-star rating of course? Sometimes, these bad ratings/complaints hold water, other times it’s just a person being picky, and sometimes the person caused their own problem.

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat Price

Nice Storage Compartments

What’s the Compliant 

Well the negativity started out as the person complaining the boat was so heavy. Well, this Sun Dolphin 3 seat pedal boat weighs 96 pounds. It’s dependent on the person but 96 pounds doesn’t seem to be overly heavy. What’s your opinion?

Then the person goes on to say there was a big rip on the bottom… This is possible, things can get damaged in the shipping. But since they were complaining about how heavy it was, is it possible they caused their own damage? Were they dragging it around on the ground because they couldn’t lift it?

This negative reviewer seemed like an honest person. They came back days later to say they fix the rip and put the boat in the water and even said it works great. Glad to see they fixed their problem.

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In Conclusion – Should You Buy

The Sun Dolphin Three Seat Pedal Boat (in blue and green/teal) is more than likely going to last you and your family a lifetime. We have no problem given this between a 5 and 4-star rating, nothing is perfect.

There are other companies making similar products, some with a cheaper price tag others more expensive. It would hurt to look around at other options available before making a your final decision to buy.

Why do You want this Pedal Boat 

Please tell us why in the comments below…

Maybe you have a small pond on your property and your thinking this would be an excellent addition for you and your husband or wife to take out to enjoy watching a beautiful sunset? It can provide great fun for the kids and grand kids too.

There are certainly many reasons why a person would be interested in this type of little boat with peddles. And we definitely don’t know all these reasons.

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