Sun Dolphin Pro 94 Boat Should I Buy It

by frank on January 29, 2014

Learn What People Are Saying About The Sun Dolphin 94 Fishing Boat

The Sun Dolphin series of boats manufactured by KL Industries have become recognized as being one of the top brands to buy if you need a small inexpensive fishing boats. Depending on the model their prices are between $500 to $1600.

Today we will review the Sun Dolphin Pro 94. This model is 9 feet 4 inches long, has two seats, it’s light making and will fit in the back of a pick-up truck bed, and the bow has a built in motor mount and plug for a trolling motor. You should be able to find this model for under $1000.

What we want to help answer – is it any good should you buy it?

Twin swivel fishing chairs
Livewll with drain
Bow deck reinforeced for accessory mounting
Stern trolling motor plug
Length: 9.4 feet, Width: 55 inches, Height: 16.5 inches, Weight: 150 lbs., Capacity: 480 lbs., HP Rating: 5 HP
Fits in the back of a pick-up, no trailer needed

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How Do Owners Review It

Did you see the Image above which shows how it rates at Amazon? You better take a look at it.

Now that you have taken a good look, you see there has been a total of four different buyers ratings. Not a whole lot of ratings to go by but they each left useful comments and information about their personal experience.

The lowest rating was 2-stars

This angler goes on in detail about his experience and reading it though it’s obvious he’s extremely unhappy with his purchase. Saying such things as the hull takes on water and when he flipped it over to drain the water the doors on the livewell and battery are came unhinged.

Was he careless? Read his full review on of the Sun Dolphin Pro 94 here…

Two other Anglers gave it 3-stars  

One of these reviewers seems to have no complaints about the quality, rather he threw away the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, so he’s having a problem registering it at the DMV in his state.

The second guy does mention the boat has the tendency to take on a bit of water between the outside and inside portions of the hull but does not actually leak inside. He seems to think this is only a minor problem weighing the boat down and says the water is easily drained by standing the boat up.

He gives it a glowing review of It’s OK!!! at the end of his comment.

One guy gave it a 5-star review

Well what do you know… There’s one guy who says this boat is perfect and his son loves it. He didn’t say much else.


So who do you believe?  The guy who talks about the Sun Dolphin Pro 94 as it’s a piece of crap? Or the guy who calls it perfect?

While we have never actually fished in this boat ourselves, their is a guy up at our lake who has been out on the water in this model for for the past 2 or 3 years now. We haven’t seen it sink yet!!!

If we were deciding whether or not to buy this, we would probably have to go by what the guy who rated it 3-stars had to say. And also be realistic on what we expect for a small boat that cost under $1000.

In case you were wonder about the other models Sun Dolphin has for sale you can visit our page here to see the complete fleet. And out of the bunch this Sun Dolphin Pro 94 is the model with the worst customer ratings that we have found.

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