Poly Sun Dolphin Pro 102 Fishing Boat

by frank on February 2, 2014

The follow information will review the Poly or Polyurethane Sun Dolphin Pro 102 Fishing Boat much of the information you will read here is directly from current owners. There is both Pros and Cons about this model so read on to learn more.

Interested in finding the best price? Prices can change day to day and month to month so it’s hard to give an exact price. But if you are paying more than $1150 then you are paying too much, you can probably find it for less and if you are buying this boat online make sure you pay attention to the shipping cost.

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Aerated livewell with drain
Front/rear trolling motor plugs
Navigation lights
Twin swivel fishing chairs
Vertical rod holders
Length: 10.2 feet, Width: 55 inches, Height: 16.5 inches, Weight: 160 lbs., Capacity: 469 lbs., HP Rating: 7 HP

 Poly Sun dolphin Pro 102 Fishing Boat – Customer Opinions

If you notice the Amazon image above you will notice 7 total reviews were left by customers. Note* since initially writing this review there has been one additional buyer who has given it another 5-star rating. The current distribution: 

  • Five- 5-stars
  • One-4-stars
  • Two-3-stars

Reasons For The Three Stars

There was a compliant about the hull taking on water and the other compliant is about the trolling mount mount not producing electricity… Not sure what to make of the comment about the motor mount being inoperative, maybe bad wiring?

Could be possible that the guy had a bad battery or did not hook it up correctly himself.

What is Good about the Poly Sun dolphin Pro 102 Fishing Boat

Summaries of 4 and 5 star customer reviews:

  • An inexpensive bass boat for father and son to go fishing together. Loves the livewell, the pre-wired set up for a trolling motor and the comfortable seating. Another added bonus is this 10 foot boat will fit in the back of the truck bed. No trailer needed. Has taken in the lake and the ocean.
  • Another guy did give this boat a 5-star rating but says he needs to put a 50 pound weight in it to balance out the weight of the trolling motor battery he uses.
  • Great for fishing lakes, ponds and rivers. Easy to transport even alone. The boat can take on a little bit of water but it’s not a big deal and it’s easy enough to drain. Pull the plug and elevate the bow.

Above were three example of what people had positive to say about the Sun Dolphin Pro 102 Fishing Boat. We will not waste your time by summarizing every single review left.

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We are familiar with all Sun Dolphin boats and a compliant we hear over and over is they tend to take on a little bit of water in the space between the exterior and interior hulls. This doesn’t cause the boat to sink and many customers are fine with this. Considering the price of these boats you need to be realistic with what you think you will get before you buy.

See a list of boats produced by this company.

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