Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak 10 vs 12

by frank on March 26, 2014

Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak 10 vs 12 Foot
What are the price differences between these two different sizes, are they good fishing kayaks

Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak 10 vs 12

One very common question asked by anglers just getting into the sport of kayak fishing, “Is there a good, cheap sit-on-top fishing kayak I can buy?”. Considering the hefty price tag of many models on the market, finding something cheap can be quite a daunting task.

And also, when you’re a beginner just starting out in the sport, the task of finding a good, inexpensive fishing kayak can become even more difficult since you may not have any experience at all in judging the quality of a kayak.

The bad news, these types of kayaks can be very expensive. Some run over $3000! And if you ask, many experienced anglers will say you will need to spend at least $700 or $800.

But the Good News is…

There are more than a few quality choices for you that won’t hurt your wallet too much… But you need to be realistic your not going to get anything worthwhile for $150.

The Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak

In our opinion this is one of the best cheap fishing kayaks on the market. It has a dry storage compartment behind the seat, bungees in the front and back (for holding extra gear), it has rod holders, foot braces all the common components of a true fishing kayak.

It comes in three different sizes:

  • 8 Feet
  • 10 Feet
  • 12 Feet

We want to make sure you know this. The 8 foot version of this model is not actually a fishing kayak, it doesn’t come with rod holders or foot braces. 

10 and 12 Foot are both made for Fishing

Bali SS 10 vs 12

If you are thinking or concerned about price. The 10 foot model is going to be less expensive by almost $200. This price difference is astounding.

Many kayaks models have both 10 and 12 foot versions. The 10 and 12 foot of the Bali have the largest price difference we have even seen.

Not sure why…

You should be able to buy the 12 foot Bali SS online for just under $500. This is not a bad price but if you are will to pay $500 there are many other models by other companies you might also want to consider.

What we think is the Best Deal

Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 Foot kayak has a price tag of right around $300. There is no question… For the price, this model is absolutely one of the best fishing kayaks you can buy.

It’s very lightweight at 44 pounds and has a weight capacity of 250. If oyu want something cheap to get into the water this is quality choice. Our only precaution, if you are super tall with long legs this might  not be a good fit. Bit if you are around 6 feet tall or shorter this should fit you just fine.

If you need other suggestions we have 100′s of different kayak reviews on this site. You might want to check out our homepage. 

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