Sun Dolphin 156 Square Back Canoe Review

by frank on January 19, 2014

Overview: The Square Back Canoe and Trolling Motors

A square back canoe is ideal for fishing. This is because the back end is built in such a way that makes attaching a trolling motor super easy. There are many different versions of this type of canoe on the market, here we will review the Sun Dolphin Square Back Canoe. The length is a 15 feet and 6 inches, the carrying capacity is 800 pounds plenty of room for three people to go fishing on and

Just as a side note. If you do plan on attaching a trolling motor we would recommend the MinKota 30 trolling motor many people who have bought this canoe have said this trolling mot or is a great fit with this specific canoe.

There’s a few other cool features on this boat that we will mention below.

Sun Dolphin Square Back Canoe sale


The Sun Dolphin Square Back 15.6 Canoe is not the very best on the market but considering the price it offers great value and a few really convenient features.  As you can see form the image below, customers at Amazon have given it an overall rating of 4-stars.

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Sun Dolphin Square Back Canoe  15.6 Feet

What exactly are the people who gave it a 1-star rating complaining about?

If you do take the time to visit Amazon to read these reviews you might have a chuckle as I did. One guy is complaining about fishing licences in his state, another is complaining that it arrived scratched and the last guy who gave it a 1-star rating is basing his poor review on a shipment delay.

Besides maybe the scratch these have absolutely nothing to do with the quality or performance of the Canoe. The scratch is sort of stretching it since this could be the fault of the shipping department at Amazon. We have never understood why some people rate products low when their compliant actually has very little to do with the product.

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Sun Dolphin Square Back 15.6 Features

The image below pretty much sums up the major features found on this canoe. If you need more information will will find a short explanation of each feature below the picture.

Sun Dolphin Square Back Canoe review

The two best features on this Sun Dolphin canoe in our opinion:

1. The cooler located inside the center seat. Great idea, fill it up with ice and store your favorite beverage. Having a bulky cooler sitting around takes up too much room.

2. We also really like the dry storage area located near the center seat.

Other Features and Specifications:

  • High Density Polyethylene Hull (Fortiflex UV protection).
  • A protective rubber rail adding to Hull durability.
  • Three molded seats.
  • Three cup holders located near each seat.
  • Rugged built in Carrying handles in the front and rear.
  • Offers a two year warranty on the Hull and individual parts.

Length: 15 feet 6 inches

Width: 3 feet 4 inches

Height: 18.5 inches

Weight: 95 pounds

Carrying Capacity: 800 lbs


The Sun Dolphin 156 Square Back is a quality canoe built with a durable hull and a few nice covenient features. Great for fishing and will fit two or three people comfortably. This model definitely has some value but if you are not sure we suggest you take your time to look at all that is available to choose from on the market.

You can read more reviews and get more ideas on whats best for you on our review pages or surf the net to see what other sites have to say.

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