Pelican Strike 120x Angler Reviews

by frank on January 10, 2014

Our very first experience with the Pelican Strike 120x Angler was in 2013 at a kayak rental business near the Gulf of Mexico. Up until this day we were not yet familiar with this model but at the end of the day we took home a great catch of Redfish and also felt extremely impressed with this kayaks performance and quality of the build. If you have been interested in this fishing kayak the following review will attempt to answer any questions you may have.

Pelican Strike 120X Angler review

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What Impressed Us The Most

The quality and the value! For those of you who might be new to the sport, this is NOT THE BEST fishing kayak you can buy. However, after paddling and fishing in it we were very surprised to learn the price this model sells for. We were guessing somewhere around $1000. Come to find out this kayak can be bought for right around $600. Not cheap but a lot less expensive then many kayaks on the market.

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It has plenty of room for bigger anglers. The Hull of this sit-on-top is 12 feet long and 30 inches wide and designed with straight lines and an uncluttered deck on top. While we never had the chance to fly fish from this platform the uncluttered deck should make would make fly fishing possible compared to those with more cluttered decks.

Pelican Strike quality review

Light weight at 57 pounds and has the capacity to carry 350 pounds.

All together, taking price, stability and performance into consideration its hard to beat the value provided by the Pelican Strike 120x Angler. It may not have a premium prices but compares very well to more expensive premium models. Learn more in the video review:

If you plan to make a purchase online be sure to look for the best deal. Many vendor sites have the pelican strike 120x angler for sale at $100 or more than it should. Also be sure to pay attention to shipping costs.

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Pelican Strike quality review

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The company Pelican International is a world leader in manufacturing quality water crafts, from canoes and kayaks to pedal and fishing boats. The company is very well known and respected for their recreational kayak design and recently have taken their years of designing quality hulls and new technology to the fishing kayak arena. They have definitely proven their


As we said at the opening of this review the Pelican Strike 120x Angler is a kayak with a lot to offer, high in quality and value. You can $300-400 for an inferior kayak, however, if your finances allow you we recommend paying a little extra to own one that performs like similar to models that normally cost $1000.

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