Sun Dolphin Sportsman Boat Review

by frank on January 26, 2014

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing BoatKL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing BoatIs this a Good Buy?


We have read many different reviews on the Sun Dolphin Sportsman 8 describing this as a small pontoon boat??? This is a very big stretch… It’s sort of rectangle like a pontoon and you can attach a trolling motor to the rear but this is about all it has in common with a pontoon.

If you were to compare this boat to anything, it would be more accurate to say it’s a raft with two seats on it that you can fish from. Comparing it to a raft doesn’t sound like a glowing recommendation.

Comparing it to a raft might not be the best comparison either. For some people the Sportsman 8 will be exactly what they need.  In this review we will describe the pros and cons of buying.

Protective vinyl rubrail
Adjustable and removeable swivel seats
Easily fits into a truck bed or van for easy transport
Meets CE and US Coast Guard safety standards
Convenient handrails
Length: 102, Width: 48, Height: 20, Weight: 100, Capacity: 550 lbs., HP Rating: 3 HP
Meets CE and US Coast Guard standards
Removeable swivel seats

Reviews on Amazon

Looking at the image above of the Amazon review who do you believe? The 21 people who rated this little boat 5-stars or the 3 people who gave it a rating of 1-star? What exactly were their comments in their reviews? What did they base their ratings on?

Sun Dolphin Sportsman boat review

See The Best Price And Other Reviews

On the Positive Side at Amazon:

The majority of the positive reviews are centered around simply saying this was a great purchase. Calling this is a sturdy boat, great for fishing small lakes, ponds and rivers. Many do say this boat is a great for two guys who want to go out and fish. One customer says him and his buddy each weighing over 200 pounds along with all their gear fit comfortably.

However, even among some people who gave the Sun Dolphin Sportsman 8 boat a positive review there were parts in their comments that may cause a person pause before making their purchase…

One guy who says he weighs 145 pounds and uses this as a solo fishing boat has a hard time seeing two big men fitting inside comfortably.

The Reviews are Worth Reading Before Buying

boat in truck

 On the Negative Side:

The negative and positive reviews are in stark contrast.

Reading the negatives you will read complaints about the boats stability, drifting in the water, the hull taking on water and the boat not being fit for carrying two people.

The Negative Comment are Worth Reading

Suggestions if you buy plan on buying this model. Use an anchor so the boat doesn’t drift. Also, since there is no drain plug in the boat, if you store it outside in case it rains make sure you either keep it covered or lay it upside down


Sun Dolphin is known for making inexpensive but decent quality products.

Depending on who you asked and what they are selling, you are bound to receive opinions on the  Sportsman 8 fishing boat. From reading the reviews at Amazon in our opinion the positives far out weight the negatives. Many times people make purchases expecting the product to be so much more than advertised.

It’s very likely that the people who gave this boat a 5-star rating knew exactly what they were buying and the 3 people who rated the boat 1-star expected too much.

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