Fishing with the Slayer 12 Angler Kayak

by frank on September 23, 2013

Native Watercraft designed this with the angler in mind. This is the design they came up with after considering all your suggestions

In this short review we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Slayer 12 Angler Kayak made by Native Watercraft.

If you don’t feel like reading through the question and answer part of the review the video below does an excellent job at explaining exactly what you will get when you buy this kayak. If the video leaves any of your questions unanswered you should find more information on the price, specifications and features further down the page.

Style: This is an one person sit-on-top that’s stable enough for stand-up-fishing. The seating on this is called high-first class setting very comfortable and easy to adjust for back support. This model is a very popular choice for fly fishing.

Slayer Kayak 12 kayak review

How much does it cost? At the the time of this review in 2013 this kayak could be purchased for $1,179 online. This was the best price we could find and was at Amazon. Not exactly sure what you will pay at your local the store but expected to pay at least 10 – 20% compared to online. We have no control over the price as it could change.

Specially Design Quiet Hull: Fish oceans, rivers and lakes and skinny waters. This self bailing hull was specifically designed to keep you dry while you fish all types of water. You can sit and fish but also stable enough to stand-up. The sides are super-smooth to reduce hull slapping noise. And the level of maneuverability and tracking it offers are also outstanding. If you happen to need even better tracking the hull is rudder-ready.

Customization: If you’re handy with a drill and screws then you should be able to customize any fishing kayak. But what makes the Slayer 12Slayer Kayak 12 reviews Angler Kayak really cool is a feature called the “Groove” an accessory attachment system which makes adding accessories so much easier. Another plus is Native Watercraft has a bunch of specially designed accessories that go perfectly with their kayaks.

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What are the basic specifications?

  • 11 feet in length
  • 31 inches wide
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Carrying capacity: 400 pounds

Storage Space: The Slayer 12 Angler Kayak has an impressive amount of storage space. In the front is a huge open box hatch with plenty of space to fit your tackle boxes and fishing bags. In the rear there’s another giant bungee deck. And then there’s a couple smaller hatches in front and behind the seat. There’s also a specially designed electronic console to keep any electronics that you might bring along

Tag-along-wheel - Included on the front of the kayak is a tiny little wheel so you don’t have to lug it around to your fishing spot and then back to your vehicle.

Is there a warranty? The manufacturer Native Watercraft supplies a lifetime warranty!!!

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