Sevylor Fishing Hunting Inflatable Kayak

by frank on July 25, 2013

Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting kayak reviewIf you’re a person on a budget or just someone who wants to get in a kayak without spending $400, $600 or over a $1000, then here’s an option you may want to consider. The Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting Inflatable Kayak.

This is an inflatable kayak as the name describes and it seats two people. The seating is roomy and comfortable and provides you with great back support. This kayak is just over 10 feet in length and almost 3 feet wide. Its a stable kayak on the water and can carry up to 400 pounds.

But don’t expect anything fancy, this kayak is bare bones but will get you where you want to go on the water. It handles good on the water.

If you’re currently looking to buy a cheap kayak for fishing and hunting, the Sevylor Tahiti Kayak might be exactly what you’re looking for but don’t short change yourself, make sure you look at all the different options in your price range before make your purchase.

How much does the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting Kayak cost? 

You should have no problem finding this kayak for under $200. Many different places online have it priced at around $170. But you can find it here for a lot cheaper.

Priced Under $200

Is this a durable Kayak?

This is a question asked by almost every person who is about to buy or thinking about buying their first inflatable kayak. The Sevylor Tahiti Kayak is built for hunting and fishing but what you need to consider:

If you’re out on the river duck hunting, don’t shoot the kayak, it will sink!!!  Most kayaks will, even the expensive ones.

Now, if you’re out fishing in this kayak, just don’t be completely careless with your hooks and you should be fine.Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting kayak review

As far as avoiding gunshots and being careful with fishing hooks you probably want to use this kayak in a waterway that isn’t restricted by alot of sharp branches that could pop it. So don’t be taking this back in uncharted territories.

If you keep this in an open river or lake the durability should not be an issue.

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Features of Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting Kayak

  • The kayak can fit two people comfortably.Two comfortable seats
  • How much weight can it carry? The maximum load is 400 lbs.
  • How long is the kayak? 10 ft 4 inches
  • How wide? 2 feet and 9 inches
  • In case you are wonder where the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing Hunting Kayak is made: China


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