Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak Review

by frank on September 13, 2014

Is this the best inexpensive inflatable kayak for you? You know better than anyone about what you need so in this review we only want to tell you what we like or dislike about this inflatable.

First, we want to say this is a 1-person, cover-less kayak. We must admit, we are a little confused by the phrase, “cover-less”, we believe this has to mean sit-on-top.

If you know anything about kayaks??? There’s two basic styles: sit-inside and sit-on-top. The Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak is a sit-on-top, this is somewhat unique for an inflatable, the majority are designed as sit-inside. In our opinion being a sit-on-top is a definite plus.

Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak Reviews

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If you’re looking to buy something with an expensive price (price: $128 for this one) then you probably are not expecting a high-performance model. We suspect you are only wanting to tool around in a calm lake or bay and have a relaxing time out on the water…

Comfort is the Main Feature

Aside from the low price, the comfort provided is the best feature of  the Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak. Don’t buy this thinking a high performance, kick butt kayak to take in a raging river. This would be a mistake.

Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak lightweight review

Lightweight, Pretty and Compact

The second feature we like is the portability and convenience.

Included is a nice and compact backpack that allows you to fold it up and carry it to where you want to go. It weighs only 16 pounds.

The backpack is also good for storage. A hardshell kayak can’t provide you with this benefit. You can take it most any place you want to go. On a plane, throw it in the back seat of your car, store it in your closet during the winter months.

See the best price and opinions from current owners.

Overall Rating – is it a Good Buy?

If you want a cheap sit-on-top inflatable, the Sevylor C001 K1 Quikpak Kayak fits the bill. Hard to beat for under $150.

No, we do not rate this as one of the top kayaks on the market today. But if you’re looking to not spend a lot of money for a kayak of decent quality, to paddle around and relax a calm lake or bay setting in then then this model is potentially what you are looking for

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