Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak Travel Pack

by frank on February 17, 2015

If you are looking at the Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak Travel Pack then we want to answer some of the most common questions asked about this 2-person tandem inflatable kayak. And whether or not we recommend it and for who. And is it worth the money spent? By the way the price ($112).

Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak Travel Pack review

Is it worth the money???

First, who is it made for and where:

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From the picture above you can see two young people paddling. The kayak has a weight capacity of around 400 pounds. This is something you need to realize before you buy it. I weigh around 250 pounds. I probably wouldn’t buy this kayak to paddle around in a lake with one of my buddies who also weights over 200 pounds. Actually, I definitely would not since we would sink it.

Notice I said, LAKE!!! See in the picture above, this looks like they are paddling on a calm lake, the picture, almost reminds me of being at the camp my parents took my sister and I when we were young. The Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak Travel Pack is made for paddling on a relatively calm lake environment. Definitely do not buy this model if you are wanting something to take in a fast moving whitewater river or rough ocean surf. We have seen this kayak in the ocean surf. But just know this is a beginners, and made for lakes.

Two paddles or one

If you looked at some of the different pictures of this 2-person inflatable kayak online, you may have noticed many of them show two paddles. This has led to people asking if this model comes with two paddles or one. Below is showing exactly what comes with the purchase.

Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak paddles review

One paddle is what you get

So to be clear, the Sevylor C001 Fiji Kayak Travel Pack comes with only one paddle, not two like many pictures might have led you to believe.

What about an air pump

This is another commonly asked question. No, it doesn’t come with an air pump. Obviously, you will be needing one. You can pick up a decent pump for $15-20 online or at your local sporting goods store. Since the kayak only costs a little over $100, not coming with and air pump, in our opinion isn’t a huge problem. Here’s a decent pump for under $20.

How thick is the PVC? Will it pop?

From our experience the Sevylor C001 Fiji Inflatable Kayak is fairly durable. For costing right around $100, we were impressed with it’s durability.

Conclusion – should you buy it

If you are looking for a cheap 2-person tandem kayak there are a lot to choose from on the market. We prefer hardshell kayaks but inflatables do offer advantages in storage, portability and for the most part price. This model is very inexpensive. Don’t expect a lot but it’s also not a piece of junk with no value. We recommend this for calm lake paddling but we also know people who have had fun taking this one out in the ocean surf.

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