Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak

by frank on December 26, 2014

evylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak reviewThe Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak hit the market in the Spring of 2014. You are probably already aware this is an inflatable model. We prefer hard shell kayaks so we will try to keep our biases to ourselves as we write this review on whether or not the Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak is a good buy or not. This model has received high ratings and good written reviews from current owners.

3 Person Inflatable Kayak reviewFirst we want to say. If you are looking for and need an inexpensive “three person kayak” this model has price tag of around $323 and depending where you buy it some places will provide free shipping.

Since we do spend a lot of time reviewing kayaks we should be able to tell you if this is the lowest priced 3 person model on the market. Without sounding pathetic for not knowing for sure we give it an A+ for price.

Would we buy this? If we want to sink it

If your goal is to paddle with three people inside then what you definitely need to keep in mind is the carrying capacity of this inflatable is 490 pounds.

Why it’s not for me

I weigh 255 pounds (I am dieting, LOL).  My two young boys weigh over 150 pounds each, I will not disclose my wife’s weight. Most of my friends are also fairly large, over 200 pounds. So unless I am looking to buy something to sink it, the Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak would not be a good buy for me.

It could be for you

However, before buying, it would behoove you to do the math on the three people’s weights you plan on paddling with. Also, don’t forget to add the weight of any thing (supplies, a cooler) you plan on taking with you. The weight capacity shouldn’t a problem for an average sized mom and dad paddling with their kid.

Where and what it can be used for

We have no idea what your intentions are on the water. It could be you want to paddle around a calm lake with your wife and kid? Or maybe, you want to ride down a nice easy river? If the answer is yes to either or both, the Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak can handle both these activities.

What it’s not built for.  Fast moving whitewater rivers and ocean surf. This is also not a good choice for fishing. The seats are adjustable in this model to turn it into a two person kayak. This could potentially be a good cheap camping kayak for two people.

What we like

We like hard shell kayaks but also understand an inflatable like the Sevylor C001 Big Basin 3 Person Kayak is sometimes the best choice and only choice for certain circumstances. Storage, you can basically fold them up and throw them in the back of your closet.

You don’t need a trailer or a trick bed to transport them. If you need to hike on foot for to get to your water entry point an inflatable makes this much easier.

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