Sea Eagle SE370 Review

by frank on February 10, 2014

Inexpensive Tandem Kayak Built For All Types Of Water

Welcome to our review of this light weight two-person inflatable kayak. There’s more than one reason the Sea Eagle SE370 is so popular, earning such high ratings from customers.

The following is the best review we could find on the product the guy in the video tells you just about everything you need to know:


See The Best Price And Read These Reviews

See the customer ratings below out of 79 reviews 65 of these have either been 5 or 4-stars. But there are also some complaints which we will cover here to help you make the best possible choice.

Sea Eagle se370 inflatable kayak review

Besides being affordable, priced under $400 ($349 the day we wrote our review) there are many other reasons people love this kayak. Three of the main reasons for such high ratings:

Sea Eagle 370 best price

Durability - The floor has the tought I-Beam Construction and the hull is made out of rugged 38 millimeter thick PolyKrylar. Drag it over rocks, get a fishing hook stuck in it, have your dogs nails drive into it. The material will not be penetrated.

Versatility - Great for just about any water type even the ocean. Long trips, camping expeditions, a great family kayak. Even good for taking your dog on and fishing.

Portability - Deflates in minutes and it’s lightweight allows you to bring it wherever you want. Taking a trip to the coast or a tropical island? Roll it up in it’s carrying bag and bring it on the plane just as you would any piece of luggage.

Is the SE370 the Best Two-Person Inflatable Kayak

No, this is not the best on the market this is a $350 kayak. If you want the best you will have to pay much more. Understand this is only an entry level kayak, great for beginner’s.

But what we do know without a doubt. This model is very solid and durable with 38 millimeter super thick PolyKrylar, the floor has an I-Beam Construction design which provides extra rigidity and durability.

Hard to find a more durable inflatable kayak in this price range.

A Few Things To Consider Before You Buy

We like the Sea Eagle SE370 and think it provides good value but we don’t think its perfects. Here we want to inform you on a couple things that are missing and complaints from a few of the less than stellar customer reviews.

A couple of the more common complaints are it has no ropes to tie gear down and the tracking isn’t great. The following video shows a few adjustments a guy made on his to improve on what he needed:

Hearing From People Who Don’t Like It

We hate reviews that only talk positive about a product. Here we will try are best to sum up what the people who had a bad experience have to say.

A couple of people say not everything was shipped with their purchase. One guy says he has no “valves” so he’s unable to even inflate the kayak to take it out in the water. Not sure what he means here… The air valves are built into the kayak, they wouldn’t be shipped as a separate item.

Another guy said his was shipped without the repair kit and he has suffered more than one puncture. It’s possible he could have received a defective product we haven’t heard this compliant from any of the other 78 customers.

 Read All The Reviews You Decide


The Sea Eagle SE370 is an inexpensive inflatable 2-person kayak that provides great flexibility in use. It’s not a high performance kayak, it doesn’t have great tracking and its not built for speed.

This is a beginners, novice or a great kayak for a family that wants something to use causally from time to time. But it does provide great flexibility and durability, take it in the river, lake or ocean. Put your dog in it and you can even fish from it.

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