Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler

by frank on July 8, 2013

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Review

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Review

12 Foot Kayak for Anglers

This sit-on-top flatwater fishing kayak has received many good reviews from many anglers. But is this the right model for you? If you are currently thinking of buying the Escape 12 Angler Kayak made by the Riot Kayaks company we hope we can help you answer this question.

The main features of the Escape 12 Angler

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  • Sit-on-top adjustable seating
  • Five rod holders: a 360 degree adjustable holder and 4 molded holder
  • Pilot rudder system
  • A molded cup holder
  • Spacious dry storage
  • This kayak is 12 feet by 30 inches; 72 pounds

To help you in your buying decision we have gather information from across the web. Both from the manufactures site, which mostly discusses the features and specifications and we also gathered information concerning the PROS and CONS about the kayak that we learned from anglers who have already purchased and used this kayak.

This is an unbiased review so you will definitely learn about not only the positives but also any negatives.

About the Escape 12 Angler Kayak 

The one thing we can definitely tell you about this kayak is its loaded with many different features. From its pilot rudder system to its adjustableEscape 12 Angler Sit On Top Flatwater Fishing Kayak seat. From its spacious dry storage to its 360 degree adjustable main rod holder. Also included are 4 flush mount rod holders. A total of 5 different rod holders allows you to do some serious fishing.

However, reading reviews of this kayak some people love all the different features but others say all the different features only hide the design flaws.

So what do you believe the PROS or CONS?

What we haven’t mentioned yet, is we actually use the Escape 12 Angler  in our kayak fishing guide business. So this means we actually know quite a bit about the performance and build.

This is not our favorite kayak we have a couple beautiful Jackson Cudas but this Escape 12 model does offer some positive features and we do the kayak offers some value. But you should always do your own research before spending your money.

What do we like about Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler:

The 360 degree rod holder that sits right in front of the seat is high quality. The other 4 flush mounted rod holders are just your standard holders. We never fish with 5 rods on our kayaks simultaneously but having extra rod holders is not a bad feature.

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The adjustable seat in this kayak is fairly high quality. It offers high back support and does its job in providing a comfortable seat for the angler. Just make sure after adjusting you have properly secure the seat to the correct posts.

The Pilot Rudder System. This is a good feature but does really take some practice to use it efficiently. If you have never used a rudder system on a kayak before you may become frustrated.

The dry storage space. In front of the kayak there is a spacious dry storage compartment. While out on the water, the majority of people should be able to reach this compartment fairly easy.

Read how current owners rate the Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler. Read reviews.

Read the CONS before you buy

  • The tracking on this kayak isn’t up to par.
  • There’s a ton of features on this kayak and it seems they are there only to hide the design flaws.
  • We ordered this Kayak from a third party off of Amazon. When the kayak arrived at my home there were a couple broken pieces that needed replaced. I was not satisfied with the time it took customer service to finally realize and fix my problems.

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