Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak

by frank on August 17, 2013

Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak review

Enduro 12 Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

Hey how are you today?!? If you have been searching for more information on the Riots Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Kayak then take a read through this review. We wrote this after we bought and used this kayak and felt many of the reviews online were lacking in information so we hope to include important information left out on these other reviews. Here, you will find mention of both the negative and positive aspects to consider before purchasing this one.

Do we think this is a great fishing kayak? Yes we do. It’s well built, long and fast and easy to paddle. The storage space is tremendous, so much space you could fit camping gear inside. It also has a built-in retractable skeg to allow you to fine tune your tracking. Find a complete list of the features built into the Riots Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Kayak kayaks further down the page.

If you can afford the price tag this is a great kayak and since the paddling is so easy this is an especially good choice for beginners.

But there are a couple things you will want to consider before actually buying this one.

Let me ask you – Do you understand the difference between a sit-on-top and a sit-inside kayak?

The Enduro 12 Angler is a sit-inside kayak

The first thing you need to consider – do you want a sit-inside fishing kayak (SIK)? Or do you want a sit-on-top (SOT)? By looking at the image on this page you should notice the Enduro 12 is a sit-inside kayak. Some fishermen do prefer sit-insides but the reason the sport of kayak fishing has grown is mainly due to the invention of the sit-on-top fishing kayak.

With a sit-inside the water can enter the kayak so you will need either need a sponge or a pump to remove what has gotten in. Also having your body can somewhat restrict your movement. Are we saying you shouldn’t buy the Enduro 12 Angler Kayak since it’s a sit-inside??? Not necessarily.

But you need to consider or imagine this. Rough, choppy, cold water… Do you want to fish in a sit-inside with this water splashing and getting inside the cockpit?

So if you noticed in the title, the Enduor 12 Angler is called a “Flatwater Fishing Kayak”. And that’s exactly what it means. This kayak is best for you if you will be fishing mostly flat calm waters.

The second thing you need to consider about this kayaks… The price… It’s not the most expensive kayak but it does have a price tag of over $1000. If you can find it online for under $1000 please let us know so we can point our visitors to this online store.

Features of the Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak

Here’s a informative video that will allow you to see the features in action. We have written out the list below the video. This looks like a great place to be fishing. And notice it’s in calm waters.

Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak Review

Review the Kayaks Feautures

List of features for Riot’s Enduro 12 Angler Kayak

  • Bulkhead Sealed Compartments
  • Thermolite Hatch Covers
  • Retractable Skeg for fine-tuned tracking
  • Sturdy thick and soft rubber handles
  • Flushmount Rod Holder
  • Adjustable Rod Holder
  • Conveniently located Drain Plug
  • Reflective Life Lines
  • Paddle Hook
  • Foredeck Shockcord Storage
  • Contour Fit Outfitting
  • Impulse Thigh Braces
  • Adjustable and locking Foot Braces
  • Security Bar
  • 5-Year Warranty

If you are interested in buying this fishing kayak, Amazon is likely to have the best online price. While you are there you can also look at how past customers have rate this model and read some of what they have to say. We think this is a great kayak if you are looking for the sit-inside type. But don’t take only are word for it read what others say.

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