Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Jon Boat For Sale

by frank on January 27, 2014

Looking for more information on the Sun Dolphin Pro 120? Here we will review the good and bad comments left by others who have bought this small fishing boat. Before covering what has been said by others we would first like to inform you about the price, so you don’t overpay.

You should be able to find this Jon Boat for around $1600, in fact, the day we wrote this review the Sun Dolphin 120 is for sale at Amazon for $1580. We can’t guarantee this price will not change tomorrow or at the beginning of the fishing season.

What do we like about the boat? In our opinion the two elevated swivel seat on deck are very cool, we also like the storage areas built into the boat. Below past the pictures and product description you can find out what other have said.

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little bass fishing boat review
Meets CE and US Coast Guard safety standards
Two padded swivel seats
Bow lights
Fuel tank storage
Large aerated livewell with drain
Built-in rod holders
Length: 11.3 feet, Width: 60 inches, Height: 22 inches, Weight: 225 lbs, Capacity: 649 lbs., HP Rating: 15 HP
Meets CE and US Coast Guard standards

Customer Reviews of the Pro 120 Boat

So what do they say are the happy with their purchase? If you look at the Amazon rating image above a total of 8 people have rated this boat.

Read What Current Owners Say

5 out of 8 rated it 5-stars, what they said:

  • One guy loves the extra leg room, the stability and the elevated seats and goes on to say people are constantly complimenting him on the boat. From his experience it doesn’t take on water. He has a little 2 HP motor attached to it and it moves so good on the water he’s not burning through a lot of gas.
  • Another guy uses this as his go to bass fishing boat.  He has a larger boat but says, he enjoys fishing in the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 much more. He calls it stable and comfortable and for the price you can’t beat it.
  • A third review appreciates it’s lightweight which makes it easy for even one person to load and unload. The quality of the boat was very surprising to him.
  • Another says the structure is sound and is the perfect boat for fishing shallow waters.

For the most part it seems as there are many people happy with their purchase, we won’t go into all the positive reviews, if you want to read more you can here.

What did the 1 bad review have to say?

The one person who left a bad review seems to have had a problem with a leak. And then they go on to complain about his state making him register the boat.


Although we do believe the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 is a quality little fishing boat and we also know from past experience this company does make quality product you still shouldn’t ignore the negative reviews.

If you are interested in learning more about the other small fishing boats made by this same company you can visit here to see a complete list.

In the future we plan to expand this page to list similar boats at similar prices listed below.

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