Pink Kayaks and More Unique Colors

by frank on June 2, 2014

At the beginning we started out only reviewing fishing kayaks on our website and guess what, these types of yaks are usually most liked in green and other dark color schemes.

Here we want to point out some of the more bright happy and unique colors available, namely PINK KAYAKS FOR SALE  but also other great colors you may want to consider buying as well. 

One very good benefit of having a brightly color kayak out on the lake or wherever you are paddling is this will be highly visible to boaters and jet skiers, resulting in increased safety.

Below you will find both sit-inside and sit-on-top models. Find models suitable for kids and made for companies such as Pelican, Sun Dolphin, Hobie and Ocean Kayaks.

Here’s what we Found

1. Pink Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 sit-inside Kayak

Yes, we have review the Aruba 10 sit-inside recreational kayak produce by the Sun Dolphin company. We just have not specifically reviewed it in this unique color.

We do approve of this model and many online customers have also given it the thumbs ups. Please read the product description carefully. Because of the color, Sun Dolphin needs to custom make this model, once you place the order, you will need to wait a couple weeks while they make it for you.

Pink Aruba 10 Kayak

The Hottest Pink on the Lake

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So far this is the only model we can find in this color above. Please come back as we will be adding more as we search the web and talk with specific dealers.

Other Colors You May Like  

What’s your favorite? You tell us in the comment section below. Sorry to disappoint you with listing only one in the color pink but here are a couple other bright happy ones you may take a liking to.

2. Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak

We have also review this model on our site and recommend it as a great recreational kayak. It’s light weight under 50 pounds and stable in the water. The red is the most popular color in this model, it also comes in: bluish cloud, Sunburst, and a lime green.

Red Old Town Canoes and Kayak 10 Vapor under 50 pounds

The Red Old Town Vapor 10

 Read how owners rate this model and find the best price

3. Red Hobie Lanai DLX Kayak for Kids

There’s a lot of good companies building kayaks but HOBIE is definitely the tops. The kayak below is a nice one specifically made for shorter paddles and is perfect for kids. This is a great kayak for the lake.

Red Hobie Lanai DLX Kayak for kids

A Red Kayak for Kids

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4. Orange-Yellow Tetra 12 Kayak Sit On Top

This is made by the Ocean Kayak company. The Tetra 12 Sit-on-Top is extremely stable making it a versatile kayak that performs just as well in calm lake waters as it does in the ocean surf. Read our review to see what you think.

For smaller paddlers it is also produce in a 10-foot version which we have also reviewed.

Orange Tetra 12 Kayak Sit On Top

Sun Burst Tetra 12 Sit-on-top

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Concluding Colorful Remarks

Sorry we didn’t give more examples of pink kayaks. That fact is this color is very unique and isn’t produced by many companies. As we find more examples we will be sure to add these to our page.

Kayaks come in a wide variety of unique colors, we have given just a few in our list above. If you have not found something that entices you on this page then you should visit our homepage or use our search box to find more ideas.

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