Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 Kayak

by frank on June 30, 2014

For Lakes, Ponds and Slow Moving Rivers

In case you have been interested in buying the Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 kayak here’s a helpful review of this recreational model which mentions both the good and bad, where to find it at the best price and also who this kayak is best suited for.

However, before we go off getting long winded and start giving you our opinion, we would like to show you what others think or at least how they rated it. In the image below These are fairly good ratings all 5 and 4-star. Surprising not to see any lower ratings but this kayak is fairly new, with time there’s bound to be some complaint left.

Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 Kayak

There were a few comments left by these people in their reviews at Amazon which raised our eyebrows.

One guy said he loves this kayak but was able to purchase it for $250 less on Dick’s Sporting Goods website. So we went to the website and search for this model but we couldn’t even find it listed on any of their pages. Amazon has it priced at right around $485. It’s hard to imagine being able to buy this kayak for $250 less.

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2Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 Kayak

What do you think about the color scheme white/blue of this kayak? Let us know below in the comments if you hate it. When we first saw this kayak we weren’t too big of fans of the colors but the more and more we saw it the more we liked it.

Who’s it best Suited For

The Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 kayak is best suited for beginners, could also serve intermediate paddlers well.

The kayak is official 10 feet 6 inches long, it’s fairly lightweight at 44 pounds and somewhat narrow but surprisingly stable at around 26 inches in width.

The carrying capacity of this kayak is 295 pounds. And the cockpit isn’t overly wide. Although this sit-inside recreational kayak does have a good amount of leg room for paddlers 6 feet and tall.

However, if you’re a big guy weighing much over 200 pounds, who is looking for a kayak for carrying a good amount of supplies in the storage compartments or on the bungees, this probably isn’t the best choice.

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The Perception Sport Swiftwater 10.5 kayak is great for beginners as well as intermediates. This is a somewhat of a hybrid recreational kayak. It’s going to be great for lakes and ponds but also will perform in moving waters.

We don’t want to say this is a great choice if your desire is to ride big hairy rapids but should be sufficient in slower moving rivers.

We can’t say how familiar you are with kayak prices, as this could be the very first time you ever have searched for one to buy. If you have been looking around at different choices you probably have already noticed these are not cheap items to buy.

With the price of the Perception Swiftwater Kayak being around $480 we do think this is a fair deal for a kayak of this quality

If you are unsure which kayak is the right choice for you, visit our homepage where you will find reviews of the top models made by the best companies.

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