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by frank on July 6, 2014

The Perception Sport Impulse 10.0 comes in 6 different Colors: But is it a Good Buy For You?

This is what we plan to answer in our detailed review below. We want to tell you about both the good and bad, also recommend a couple different choices if you concluded this isn’t the best kayak choice for you.

A little bit of what we think is good about the Perception Impulse, this is an inexpensive recreational kayak which is much nicer than the cheaper generic models you may have seen at a local store.

Very fun to take out on the water, it’s not a huge kayak, only ten feet in length. So if you are a big guy this is not going to be a good choice for you. But it’s an excellent choice for small adults and younger paddles. A very good beginners recreational kayak.

Perception Impulse 10.0 Kayak review

Recreational Kayak under $400

Above is an image of the Perception Impulse 10 kayak in the Red/Yellow swirl color. This is not our personal favorite of the 6 colors the Impulse 10.0 is available in. We include it because it’s the biggest picture we could find. We like big pictures!

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If you don’t like the color in the image, it comes in five more colors: Lime/Yellow, Red, Sand, White/Azure Blue and Yellow.¬†Our two personal favorites are the red and white/azure blue swirl.

Anything Bad to Say

If you plan on buying this model then you should want to hear if any major quality concerns exist. While there are no major concerns to speak on there are still a few things you should be aware of before you buy the Perception Impulse 10 Kayak.

#1 If you are a big guy over 6 feet tall with long legs then this is not going to be a good choice for you. Of course, you could probably still paddle in it but your legs are going to feel a little cramped.

#2 Not to sound mean, but if you’re a heavy set person this might not be a great choice for you either. The carrying capacity of this model is 275 lbs. If you weigh 276, its probably going to take on water and sink :).

Note: If you are over 200 lbs but under 275 lbs this kayak is fine for you but you also need to take into account if you plan to carry supplies or equipment in the bungee area and consider how much added weight this will be.

#3 Storage it’s nice to have a water proof hatch for storage of your items. The¬†Perception Impulse 10 Kayak doesn’t include such storage but there is a bungee deck area on the stern side which can be used for carrying some items on a day trip.

Rating and Conclusion

If you’re looking to buy a simple recreational kayak to paddle in as a smaller person or for your kids then we rate this very high.

If you’re looking for something with extra features, high carrying capacity, a great amount of leg room, ample storage space then we need to say this is not the right choice for you.

If you are still unsure which recreational kayak is the best fit for you, visit our homepage where you will find a ton of different reviews on all types of models.

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