Perception Prodigy 10.0 Kayak

by frank on October 27, 2014

In this review of the Perception Prodigy 10.0 kayak we will answer the most important questions for people who are interested in buying this model. The most basic thing you need to realize before buying is this is a recreational “sit-inside” model designed to be used in lakes and deep, slower moving rivers (not whitewater rapids).

We have seen this kayak used in Lake Erie, one of the great lakes in the USA. We mention this because this is a huge lake which at times produces huge waves and other unfavorable conditions. If the Perception Prodigy kayak can withstand what this large lake produces then this is a very safe kayak for smaller lakes.

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Perception Prodigy 10.0 Kayak reviewWorth the price

We have reviewed and paddled in hundreds of different kayaks from just about every company under the sun. We know what companies are best to buy from and which companies you need to watch out for from a quality perspective.

Perception is a quality company. You can look around the web and see almost every model this company sells has favorable ratings and reviews from current owners. And it also receives our recommendation.

Their kayaks are not the highest end models, rather they are affordable and offer a great amount of value versus price. The Perception Prodigy recreational 10.0 kayak has a price of right around $500.


Compact and Durable – holding up to outdoor abuse

This kayak isn’t going to get damage easy. It’s made from a rugged material which will last for years. You will not find a complaint on the web saying Perception kayaks are not durable, research this.

You probably have given thought to where you will store a kayak when you need to take it out of the water during the winter months? Right?

If you don’t have the storage space, that’s on you. Maybe, you need an inflatable that you can tuck into your closet? Anyway, this is a compact and lightweight model. It’s 10 feet long, 29.5 inches in width weighing in at 49 pounds. If you got the space for it.

Who’s this made for

It’s made for a bunch of different types of people. It’s made for a person who wants to only spend around $500 on a recreational kayak.

But the fact that the┬áPerception Prodigy is a 10 foot sit-inside kayak it’s made for shorter people. If your 6 foot tall or a little over it will work for you but if your an extremely tall person with long legs you will need to look into buying a longer 12 foot model.

Also what you need to know before buying. This model has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. So do the math. Do you plan on carrying equipment with you? Add this to your body weight.





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