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by frank on June 17, 2015

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What do we know about the Perception Cove 14.5T Tadem Kayak? Is it a good buy for the price? Every place we look online it’s being sold for $905. 

This is a new 2015 model which my partner and I had the opportunity to paddled when visiting, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina in the month of May 2015.

The waters were rough but we had a great time. We would rate this as being both a very quick and stable tandem kayak. It’s a sit-inside style. From our experience it should be great  for fun and recreational paddling on just about any lake or bay.

What does it look like?

Sorry, we couldn’t provide a better picture of the kayak. The kayak is sort of new, so there aren’t many pictures to choose from. We would have liked to have also provided a video on the model but YOUTUBE only has junk videos so far, we didn’t want to waste your time by embedding one.

Perception Cove 14.5T Tadem Kayak

2015 Tandem Kayak for Lakes and Bays

Positives and negatives

What did we like? What positives stood out when paddling the Perception Cove 14.5T Tadem Kayak on Charleston Harbor:

  • Already mentioned above, the speed and stability. This is a fun kayak to paddle.
  • Extremely comfortable ride. Plenty of leg room (even for a giant), ergonomically designed seats, fully padded thigh cushions on the sides.
  • 100% Adjustable. The seat’s back rest can be adjusted to fit each individual and the seats themselves can be moved to adjusts for kids, pets or whomever else you will be paddling with.
  • Take it out Solo. This is a tandem (2-person kayak) but the seat can be adjusted to properly fit a person who wants to take it out solo.
  • The dry storage in the back (rear) is great. There’s also a smaller storage area in the front.

What we see as negatives

We do like the Perception Cove 14.5T Tadem Kayak. It’s priced at $905 you could definitely find a cheaper model if you are on a budget.

We don’t have a lot of negatives to say about this model but before you make your purchase you should realize this is a pretty large, long kayak at 14 and half feet.

Meaning - Be aware of this length and make sure you have the storage space.

What we will also say - Even though this is a long kayak it is surprisingly light weight at only 71 lbs.




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