Penn BTL4000 Battle Spinning Reel

by frank on September 27, 2013

Penn Battle BTL4000 Spinning Reel Review

Penn Battle BTL4000

Need information on the Penn BTL400 Battle Spinning Reel? You may (or may not) have noticed this spinning reel actually comes in 8 different sizes. One of these sizes is the BTL4000 which is about the middle size in this series.

Is this the right size for you?  The information on this page will help you decide if this is right for you or if there’s a size better suited for the type of fishing you plan on doing.

If you’re interested, further down the page you find a short review of the features and specs.

Is the Penn BTL4000 Battle Spinning Reel a good match for you

The following may be common knowledge to many anglers who read this but lets talk about the size of the reel and what it means:

The smaller the reel the more compact. These are made for lure fishing and light float fishing and for the most part smaller fish species. The Penn BTL1000 and 2000 and even the 3000 sizes are perfect examples.

As you get into the bigger reels, these are more made for general fishing purposes where fish of many different sizes will be caught. A good example would be the BTL4000 although this style is still compact enough to use for lure and float fishing. Its a fairly versatile size shaded towards to lure fishing.

If you plan on doing a lot of big fishing, say for Tuna then you would want to consider a larger reel.

See all the different sizes in this series.

BTL4000 Battle Spinning Reel Specs and Features


  • Holds Mono (yards/pounds): 280/8, 230/10, 170/12
  • Hold braid line (yards/pounds): 335/15, 275/20, 205/30
  • Bearings: 6 + 1
  • Drag: 13 pounds (max)
  • Gear ratio: 6:2:1
  • Retrieve: 34 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds 6 inches


  • Precise gear alignment even under the heaviest loads. This is made possible by Penn’s full metal body and side plates.
  • Superline Spool – Allows braid line to be loaded without the need for mono. The secret is in the rubber gaskets that keep the line from slipping.
  • Toughness – Regular graphite spools can’t compare. The spool is machined and made from anodized aluminum. Provides much greater strength and will not crack under heavy torque. .
  • Smooth drag – Every since Penn included the HT-100 drag washers in their Battle series of reels, anglers have been swapping their regular washers out and replacing them with the HT-100 to experience the smooth drag.
  • Stainless steel main shaft that will not rust in saltwater conditions.
  • Stainless steel bearings – Sealed with a total of six bearings helps prevent corrosion, keeps it running smooth and prevents wear and tear on other moving parts.
  • Infinite anti-reverse – prevent the line from breaking during your biggest catches.
  • The Ultimate balance in the rotor to allow smooth retrieves
  • The handle is made from aluminum and the knob is soft and huge. Strong and comfortable to hold and reel. It may not seem like much but the big reeling knob is an extremely nice feature.

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