Penn BTL 5000

by frank on November 20, 2013

The Battle 5000 Ready for SaltWater Combat

Penn Battle BTL5000 Reviews

Penn Battle BTL5000

Before beginning the review of the Penn BTL 5000, I was wondering what you remember about the quality of reels Penn put out in the 1970-80′s? For a long time I would not buy a Penn because I was under the impression they were garbage.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the quality of these reels have improved tremendously since the 70-80′s?

I Feel the Quality has Improve Tremendously

Growing up back in the 1980′s my father and I always fished with Penn reels, as a kid I never gave a thought to judge the fishing equipment I was using. This nonjudgmental innocent view we all have as kids was soon about to change. I think I was 10 or 11 in the sixth grade, I was invited to my friend’s cottage and brought my fishing pole and reel.

When I went out fishing I remember noticing my friend’s reel seemed a lot better than mine. Not quite sure what it was, maybe it looked better or cast better or reeled in smoother. This was even more noticeable when he let me use it. Well all I know is when I got home I begged my father if I could get a new reel and that was the end of using Peen reels.

Twenty Years Later the Penn BTL 5000

Now in my 30′s and my opinion changes back. I was out surf fishing at night with a friends when we switch poles I asked what he was set up with: 10FT, 30LB braid and the Penn Battle 5000. I was very impressed with how smooth is was and the drag felt perfect.  He also let me use the BLT4000 later on. Couldn’t tell much difference between the two, both felt nice in my hand.

I discover that besides the Battle series, the company now also produces other quality spinning reels: Torque, Conqueror, SpinFisher V and Fierce.

Here’s a good video review of the BTL 5000. Past the video you is a list of the different features included.

A list of the different features:

Full Metal Body - Holds up in the most extreme conditions.

Techno-Balanced - Ensures the retrieval on this reel with stay silky smooth.

Rubber Gaskets – Keeps your line from slipping.

HT-100 Washers –  The perfect set to keep the drag smooth even under the heaviest loads. This is one of the most talked about features. Owners absolutely love this.

6 Stainless steel ball bearings – Perfect placement for added stability and smoothness. Professional fisherman greatly approve of spinning reels with ball bearings over standard bushings.

The main shaft is made from steel so it won’t crack under pressure like the carbon shafts have a tendency to do. The spoon is manufactured from machine and anodized stainless steel to protect it from the harsh conditions of a saltwater environment.

If you are interested in seeing the different sizes available in this series, visit the main review page.

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