Penn Battle Spinning Reel Review

by frank on September 24, 2013

It’s strong and its smooth. This Saltwater Spinning Reel will hold up with minimal issues even through a heavy fishing season

Penn Battle Spinning Reel for Saltwater fishing

Designed For Saltwater Fishing

The Penn Battle Spinning Reel is a  highly rated mid-priced that’s made specifically for saltwater fishing. And many considered this one the best on the market when considering price vs value.

Depending on the size you need (there are 8 different sizes) you should be able to buy this one online for between $80 and $100. Can’t really say what the price is going to be at one of your local stores. Online is always cheaper.

Not sure this is the one for you? The review below might answer your questions. If one of your questions isn’t covered leave a comment and we will answer promptly.

The video below does provides a great review on its own:

Penn Battle Spinning Reel Sizes

What difference does the size make? The smaller models in the series will hold a little less line, the spool diameter will be smaller and the maximum level of drag will be less compared to the larger models. There’s also a slight difference in price but nothing significant as you increase to the larger sizes

8 sizes from smallest to largest: BTL1000, BTL2000,BTL3000, BTL4000,BTL5000, BTL6000,BTL7000BTL8000.

Which is the right size for you?

Since the amount of drag and room for thicker line increases as you go from the BTL1000 to 8000. If you plan on fishing for the biggies such as: Amberjack or Tuna, then you will need to use heavy line and superior drag  the the BTL8000 would be your best here.

If you plan on only going after small fish, doing a little backwater fishing for small mouth, then the BTL1000 would be the most appropriate choice.

Note: The most versatile and popular Penn Battle Reel sizes are the BTL5000 and BTL6000 since these work great when fishing for both smaller and larger fish.

Saltwater Grade interior and exterior components

Penn Battle Spinning Reel Sizes

Most Popular Size – BTL5000

If you’re new to saltwater fishing and buying your first reel its very wise to only buy a reel with saltwater grade components such as: brass, stainless steel and composite parts. This is very critical your reel be made from these materials if not you will have many issues in saltwater.

More reasons to like this reel

  • The handle: Very big and comfortable to grab onto and the reel is extremely smooth on the retrieve.
  • Heavy-duty bail that wont bend or flex.
  • The main gears made are from Zinc/aluminum alloy.
  • The drag system has the HT100 drag washers which provide an extremely smooth drag also adjusting the drag is extremely easy and can be done in small increments.


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