Penn Battle BTL 7000 Spinning Reel

by frank on October 5, 2013

If you have recently became interested in buying a new larger spinning reel and are currently undecided this review should be some help

Penn Battle BTL7000 Reviews

Penn Battle BTL7000

especially if you were already interested in the Penn Battle BTL7000 Spinning Reel.

Further down the page you will find answers to some of the most common and important questions.

If you do not find the answer to your exact question just leave a comment below and we will research your question and answer it to the best of our ability.

Below this video review there is more information on this reel. This video does an excellent job at showing you exactly what this fishing reel model is all about.

Take the time to watch this short review video.

After watching the video is this the Penn Battle size you want? If you want to see all the different sizes we have them here

Penn Battle BTL 7000 Spinning Reel Answers

What size rod works best with this? Ideal for offshore fishing in boats as well as surf fishing on a 11-foot or 12- foot rods. Sailfish, Tuna, Amberjack also suited well for those huge river catfish. This is a reel for the big catches.

It has the drag and torque required if you want to be successful landing big catches.

Note: The main shaft is made from unbreakable and un-crackable stainless steel. You need a steel shaft don’t buy a reel that has a graphite shaft that will end up cracking.

Maybe you owned a Penn fishing reel before and felt it was low quality? This is very understandable. Back 10 or 15 years ago Penn wasn’t especially known for producing very high quality reels. They seemed more into the niche of mass producing lower quality reels.

Not exactly sure why (maybe new ownership?) but in the recent years the company has seemed to change their objectives and started to focus a lot more on producing higher quality reels.

This isn’t to say Penn is now producing the highest quality reels on the market. They fall in the mid-price range and for the money, anglers are ranking them very high in value. The video below reviews the Penn Battle BTL 7000 Spinning Reel.

Price: You will definitely be able to pick this up online for cheaper compared to shopping at one of your local sporting goods store. The day this review was written the Penn BTL7000 Reel was selling for $99.99 which is probably over $20 cheaper than you will be able to find it at a local store.

Is this for saltwater fishing only? The interior and exterior parts used are corrosion proof so this does make it a saltwater reel but its good for freshwater lakes and streams as well.


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