Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak

by frank on July 11, 2013

Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak Review

Fishing kayaks aren’t exactly cheap and all the different companies out there definitely aren’t equal…  So before you buy from just any company it will serve you well to at least know a little background information on the company you buy from. Knowing a little can make such a difference.

Pelican International is the company that manufactures the Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak (see in the image below)

About Pelican International

  • In business since 1968; over 100 products (kayaks, canoes, paddle boats and accessories).
  • Company Mission: build high quality and affordable.
  • Patented materials adds durability and functionality to products.
  • Understands the needs and wants of customer; frequently redesigns kayaks to meet customer needs.
  • Reputable and respected for over 40 years.
  • Responsible; recycling over 99% of excess materials.

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Pelican Strike 100X Fishing Kayak Review

Sit-on-Top Kayak Design

If you have read kayak reviews two of the most common complaints are, “one foot braces broken the first time I took it out.” or about carrying the kayak, “the handles are too flimsy.”. Not to say the Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak is perfect but both the handles and foot braces on this one are extremely well built and sturdy.

Main features of the Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak

  • No cheap foot braces in this kayak. What you will find are what we call them footpegs. These are adjustable, quick and easy locking and so strong. They will not break.
  • The storage area is a convenient and well designed day hatch with a with dry bag attached. You will find these dry storage areas in both the front and rear.
  • The seat is both cushioned and adjustable.

    Pelican Strike 100x review

    Newly designed hull offers speed and control for paddlers

  • You got three rod holders, two molder and the other is a swivel rod holder.
  • A nice big bungee area to secure items.
  • Lots of carrying handles on the front and back and sides.

This kayak weighs 53 pounds and is 10 feet in length and can carry up to 350 pounds.

Maneuverability and Durability of the Strike 100x Kayak

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Pelican International completely re-designed the hull of this kayak. Do you see the red arrow in the image above? Do you see the little bump? This may not look like much but this little bump has drastically improved the maneuverability and tracking of this kayak.


Most if not all fishing kayaks found in the same price range as the Pelican Strike 100x, their hulls will be made from polyethylene. And no doubt this is a durable material. However, if you happened to have read what I said above then you know Pelican International has patented more than one specialized material.

One such material is named TST RAM-X. This is a super strong polymer which provides increased durability when compared to the ordinary polyethylene. Pelican International wouldn’t have wasted the time and effort to develop this polymer and then patent it if it were not special!!!


Stability is definitely a major consideration when buying any kayak. Especially one for fishing since there will be a lot of extra moving around when fussing over equipment and reeling in fish. We cant say this is the absolutely must stable kayak on the market but it does the job if you use it for what it was built. Meaning, this is a sit-on-top kayak, not a stand-up fishing kayak.

The Bottom Line:

The Pelican Strike 100x angler kayak does hold its own when compared to other fishing kayaks similarly priced. It beats or outperforms most in the areas of durability and maneuverability. You will find some that will be better in the area of stability but overall the stability of this kayak isn’t bad.

If you’re planning on buying online and looking for the best price be sure to take into account the shipping cost. Many places offer great prices but once you add in the shipping cost they charge it turns out to be not the best deal you could have gotten. Here is our best deal, the shipping is free.


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