Pelican Solo Kayak Review

by frank on January 13, 2014

Looking for a great recreational kayak for your kids at the lake? In this review we will introduce the Pelican Solo Kayak. This model is a sit-on-top about 6 feet long and holds up to 140 pounds. It has a special shallow twin arched hull design which provides excellent stability, a very important aspect to allow beginners to build confidence when first taking to the water.

We have a video below which will allow you to better see the size of a kid that fits comfortably on top.

Basically, the only complaint we have heard about this model is some customers have said the paddle that comes with it is a little flimsy, so they needed to go out and buy another paddle. Other than this small problem with the paddle,  parents who have taken the time to leave their reviews have pretty much came to the consensus that this is a quality kayak their kids enjoy.

One parent remarked their kids loved using this kayak so much that they would often fight over who got to use it, they need to buy a second after their kids were fighting too much over who got to use the first one they bought.

The Best Price And More Reviews!

Pelican Solo Kayak sale

Pelican Solo Kayak

 Video Review of this Kayak for Kids

The video below will provided you with information on all you need to know about the Pelican Solo Kayak, from the certain features to the specifications so you can decide if this is the one you want for your kids.

Looking at prices for this kayak on various sites on the net we have seen a few sites saying this kayak costs under $150. We are sorry but this price is not true, the best price currently found at any website is just under $250 and this is at Amazon.


Pelican international is a respected manufacture of sit-on-top kayaks and have been for decades. If you are interested in seeing all the different and best models from fishing to recreational kayaks, visit here.


Great for youths who are just getting started in the sport. However, before you buy the Pelican Solo Kayak you must make sure you take a few things into consideration. Is this the right fit for your kid? The length is 6 feet, as far as leg space goes there’s probably about 42 inches or 3 and a half feet. And the carrying capacity is 140 pounds. Will your kid be outgrowing this soon?

For more information on different models please visit our homepage! 

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