Pelican Pursuit 80 Kayak

by frank on January 14, 2014

The Pelican Pursuit 80 is a very simple sit-inside and inexpensive recreational kayak manufactured by the company Pelican International. The goal in this review is to inform readers on what type of person this model is best suited for. If you reach the conclusion that this model is not a good fit for you at the bottom of the page you will find alternative recreation kayak suggestions.

Pelican Pursuit 80 Kayak review

See the Video to Learn More

The computer voice in the review video is a little annoying but it does give you a good overview of the different features and specifications.


With a sales price of right around $200, this is one of the least expensive sit-inside models on the market today but don’t waste your money if:

Pelican Pursuit 80

  • You’re a big person with long legs.
  • You weigh over 200 lbs, the carry capacity of the Pelican 80 kayak is only 200 lbs. You will sink it!
  • If you are looking for a high performance kayak that you can take out in rough waters.

On the other hand this model does make a good fit for:

  • Beginners
  • Kids
  • Small adults
  • A person who wants a low performance kayak, inexpensive kayak for calm lake waters and from time to time paddling around for some low impact exercise.
  • Make sure you weigh under 200 pounds.

Lowest Price and Read Other Customer Reviews


Just because the Pelican Pursuit 80 has an inexpensive price tag doesn’t mean it is a cheap low quality kayak it serves its purpose. And really the only way you will end up being completely dissatisfied with this model is if you purchase it for a purpose that is it not made for. Remember this is a simple sit-inside kayak, nothing high performance here.

It did manage to receive two 5-star reviews and three 4-star. The customer who rated it a 2-star said it wasn’t good for the ocean or other rough waters!

Exactly! This kayak is not meant to be taken in rough waters. The person didn’t take the time to do their research before they made their purchase.

Reviews  Pelican Pursuit 80 Kayak


This is a recreational sit-inside kayak that costs right around $200 and in our opinion considering the inexpensive price the Pelican Pursuit 80 does offer great value. Its not cheaply built and if you use it for the purpose it was made for you should be completely satisfied with your purchase. But if you think this model is meant to go kayaking in rapids or rough ocean waves you surely will be disappointed.

Remember this kayak is built for small people under 200 pounds and probably best for people 6 foot and under. Good to sit in and relax in a calm lake and maybe for some low impact paddling.

Interested in learn more about the different models offered by Pelican International. Or visit our homepage to find reviews on the other popular brands and models.

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