Pelican Matrix 100X Kayak

by frank on August 24, 2014

Excellent Price but is it Quality

On a recent trip with friends to a picturesque lake in northern Minnesota was our first encounter with this model. We thought we would write a review on this to help those who might be interested.

Many current owners will tell you the Pelican Matrix 100x, (a 10 foot sit-inside recreational kayak) gives you a little bit more for your money compared to other models similarly priced.  It’s not perfect for everyone. Find out who it’s best suited for why they think so and also find the best price currently offered online.

Maybe you have a place on a lake? This model is perfect for paddling on calm to mild lake waters, big or small. However, this is NOT a model built for taking on raging rivers or the ocean surf.

But we will tell you why we like it

In general, the majority of recreational kayaks on the market are in fact, fairly simple in their build and inexpensive in price this is mainly due to lack of significant features. The majority are almost completely bare-bones, what you get is basically a hull and a open cockpit to sit in.

But what if you want a little more from a recreational YAK and still


Pelican Matrix 100X Kayak review

The Best Price, read how others Review this Model

What makes the Pelican Matrix 100x so attractive is it does have a few nice features, that you will not find on most recreational models, such as: Storage compartment on the bow side, a bungee deck in the rear, a nice big cockpit and a sturdy and durable hull made from RAM-X™ high-density polyethylene technology.

People it’s Best Built For

  • From the stern to bow this model measures 10 feet long. This sit-inside model is designed for beginners through intermediates.
  • Someone who wants a lightweight recreational kayak, the Matrix only weighs 36 pounds. Making it easy to load, unload and carry to your destination.
  • It’s cockpit width is 24.5 inches and the cockpit is 49 inches long, the Matrix 100x has a carrying capacity of 275 pounds. This is a perfect lightweight and inexpensive solution for smaller people.
  • The seating is built for comfort. You get an adjustable padded back-rest and for your rear there’s the ergolite seat cushion.
  • There’s a bottle holder located in front of the seat, knee pads on each side, a quick lock bow hatch for storage and a bungee deck in the rear for extra storage space.

Last but not least the price of this model, in our opinion is also a huge plus. The Pelican Matrix 100x Kayak has a price of $350.

What’s not to like about the Pelican Matrix 100x 

The price is definitely right, we also like the benefit of the extra features which are not found on most standard recreational kayaks. What we do want to mention is something we have heard from various owners

Pelican Matrix 100X Kayak Cyan Blue White

As you see from the ratings above the customers have been satisfied with their purchase of the Pelican Matrix 100X kayak. Currently here are no major complaints to speak of. However, more than one customer has report the kayak felt a little unstable the first time taking it out paddling.

However, all said once they spent some time sitting and paddling the stability issue solved itself. We recommend this kayak model for beginnings to intermediates.

If you still need some help finding the best model suited for you visit our homepage where you will find links to hundreds of different reviews.

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