Pelican Liberty 100x Angler Kayak Review

by frank on July 5, 2014


What Extras Does the Pelican Liberty 100x Angler Kayak offer? Find out in this Review

The Liberty 100x angler is classified as a Pelican Premium Fishing Kayak. But what does this really mean? How does being “premium” actually benefit an angler when out on the water paddling and trying to find their new fishing honey hole?

The first advantage is seen in the hull design. The hull is incredibly stable, specifically designed to optimize performance for anglers out on the water. In addition, it was built with industry leading materials and components. The use of these high quality materials and components lend to both increased durability and performance of this particular hull design.

The Pelican Liberty 100x Angler Kayak is made from a new Ram-X formulation which not only improves how the Pelican Liberty 100x Angler looks but also lends a hand at improves how it handles when your out on the water paddling and fishing.

Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak Review

Great Hull Design For Anglers

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Another great thing about the hull is the manufacturing process itself. It is made through a process call Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) which allows a lighter and stiffer kayak hull to be produced compared to other manufacturing processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the cool fishing features that are included on the Pelican Liberty 100x the short video below does a great job at reviewing and explaining these, while also giving you a good look inside this premium fishing kayak.

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One little detail the video review didn’t hit on too much is the storage compartments and capacity found on this model. If you’re looking for a kayak for day trips, overnight trips and camping expeditions, storage space will be on of your essential needs.

This model offers great storage space to fulfill this need. On the stern side you will find a quick lock hatch with an enormous 60 lbs. dry sac and on the bow you will find another (smaller) storage hatch and bungees good for carrying extra supplies.

Price, Value, Conclusion

This is definitely a quality fishing model which offers a lot of value vs. price. Also, due to the Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) engineering and the quality components used in the manufacturing process the Pelican 100x Angler will last for years on the water.

If you’re currently wanting to buy a new fishing kayak? Maybe this is this first time for you? Maybe you are confused, which is the best for you if this is your first time buying but you probably at least have a good idea on how much are you willing to spend.

The Pelican Liberty 100x angler isn’t the cheapest but if you look around at a good number of other models on the market you will notice it’s also far from the most expensive.

You should be able to find and purchase online for under $600. You could spend well over $1000 on some but sometimes you are paying extra bucks for the name of the rather than any extra added functional value.

If you are still unsure about which fishing kayak is best suited for your needs, visit our homepage where you will find links to 100′s of different reviews.

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