Pelican Kayak Prices

by frank on May 17, 2014

Pelican Recreational and Fishing Kayak Prices

A few days before writing this, a family member, who isn’t exactly computer savvy, asked for recommend an inexpensive recreational kayak for the lake. The recommendation was to check out kayaks made by a few different companies, one of which was Pelican kayaks.

He later came back, said he visited Pelican’s website and saw a bunch of different choices but couldn’t find any price information. Like I said, he isn’t too computer savvy!!!

So if you too are finding it difficult to find or just would like information on prices you can find this information below.

Taking a Look at Recreational Prices

In 2014 Pelican offers 25 different kayak models (recreational and fishing). As this company adds more to it’s stock we will add the best prices we find here.

Strike 100x
Pelican Pursuit 80 PricePursuit 80
Liberty 100x

In the table above are listed sit-on-top recreational models, Pelican Strike 100x and the 120x and also two sit-inside models, the Liberty 100x and the Pursuit 80.

These are some of their better but more expensive models in the price range of $500 – 600. If you are familiar with kayak prices then you know even $600 isn’t all that expensive.

Correction on this the Pursuit 80 model listed on the table has a price tag of under $250. Don’t pay more than this.

Still a Few Less Expensive 

The models in the following table are priced between $325 and $195 (the Solo).

Cheap Pelican Kayak Prices

Matrix 100x

Apex 100

Pelican Solo

Pelican Pulse

The models above might be a little less expensive than the kayak models at the top of the page but this doesn’t mean they are low quality. However, these are probably best suit for beginners who might be interested in trying kayaking for the first time but don’t want to spend so much money just to find out the sport isn’t for them.

What about Prices for Fishing Kayaks 

In total, currently (2014) Pelican manufactures 7 different fishing kayak models which make a good fit for both beginners and intermediates. Below you will find a list of Pelican’s best liked angler kayaks

When more models hit the market after we publish this page we will be sure to let you know about anything new.

Pelican Strike 100x Angler

Pelican Liberty Angler

Pelican Strike 120x Angler

Pelican Matrix 100x

Fishing kayaks are always going to be a bit more expensive compared to the recreational variety. The ones you see listed in the table above go for between $750 (Strike 120x) to $730 (the red Matrix model) the cheapest being right under the $500 dollar mark, the Castaway model.

The Pelican Strike 100x Angler goes for right under $700 at around $675 to be more exact.

Fishing kayaks are a lot of fun but also can be quite expensive, some running well above $1000 and even $3000 for a few specialty models. If you have been thinking about becoming involved in the sport but don’t want to spend and arm and a leg then Pelican offers more than a few affordable models.

If you are looking for more information and reviews on a variety of different styles of kayaks then visit our homepage where you will find links to 100s of different reviews.

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