Old Town Tandem Fishing Kayak

by frank on October 23, 2013

They call it the Twin Heron Angler

Camo Tandem Kayak Review

Twin Heron Angler Kayak comes in Camo, Tan and Sunrise colors.

Old Town calls this kayak “twin” but it’s is a tandem fishing kayak. In this review we will be answering many of the common questions asked about this model and tandem kayaks in general.

Is this a sit-inside or a sit-on-top? This model is a sit-inside kayak. If you fishing on calm lakes and bays in warm water then this is going to suit your needs perfectly. However, if you plan to fish rough waters and sometimes in the colder weather then you will probably want to look at a sit-on-top model.

How much weight can this Old Twin Twin model carry? A lot of people are concerned with the carrying capacity since two people will be inside the kayak. The Twin Heron Angler can carry up to 500 lbs. So if you and your fishing buddy are both 250 lbs you are going to want to find something that has a greater capacity.

Can a person go out alone in this? Because you need to sit in the stern (rear) seat when going out alone the bow of many tandem kayaks will rise making paddling difficult. This Old Town Twin model has a special auto trim hull that keep the bow from raising when a person is alone paddle from the stern seat. YES.

How much does it weight? This model is actually fairly light. It weight 64 lbs. So if you and your buddy need to carry this to your fishing spot that’s only 32 lbs a piece.

Is it fast? Length is not the only but is one of the major functions that determines how fast a kayak will be in the water. This Old Town model is 13 and a half feet long which is fairly long compared to the majority of fishing kayaks. You also need to take into account how wide the kayak is, increased widths tend to decrease the speed. This kayak is 31.5 inches wide which is about the average when looking at other models made for the purpose of fishing.

So is it fast. It is longer than most and about the same width as most so yes this is capable of being “fast”. But you will only be able to go as fast as the amount of power supplied. That means if YOU and YOUR BUDDY can paddle then your going to go fast.

Is it durable? What type of material is it made from? It is made from a triple layer of Polyethylene so yes this is going to be a highly durable kayak. If you never heard of The Old Town Canoe, this company has been around for over 100 years.  They have great experience in manufacturing and produce very highly quality kayaks.

What does it cost? As of the day this review was written the lowest price was at Amazon for $748. This looks like a good deal since every other place has it for sale at $799. But we can not guarantee the price will stay this low.

Twin Heron Angler – Features

Other features included with this model:

Rod Holders: A total of six. There are two flat mounted rod holders in the front and back (4) and there is one swivel rod head on each side (2).

Comfort Flex Seats: Light and adjustable and each has a built in cup holder. The front seat is removable.

Padded foot braces, adjustable on the fly.

Comfortable molded carrying handles in the front and back.

Overall if you are in the market for a tandem fishing kayak the Twin Heron Angler is of equal or superior quality to similarly priced models. If you do decide to purchase this from Amazon it is recommend you look around for the listing that has the best price.

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