Old Town Kayak Reviews

by frank on October 9, 2013

The Old Town Canoe Company is a historic company that was established in Maine, USA in the year 1898. Since this company was for a long, long time the world’s leading producer of wood and canvas canoes its hard not to mention this but the purpose of this page is to provide Old Town Kayak Reviews.

They produce a wide variety of different styles of kayaks. On the list below you find some of their newest and best recreation, tandem and sit-on-top kayaks and they also produce a few different models that are specifically dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing.

You can scroll down the list and see images and short descriptions that include what we considered the most important details on each specific model and if you find one you like you can click through to read the full review.

Old Town Kayak Reviews

Since this is a fishing site first we will begin with the fishing models. Withing their selection of fishing kayaks are three different families: Predator, Heron, and Vapor. The newest are the Predator family of kayaks and have quickly become very popular with anglers.

Old Town Fishing Kayaks:

The first set of kayaks are the Predator 13 and the Predator MX.


Old Town Predator 13 vs MX review

Predator 13 Fishing Kayak

These two kayaks are very similar. The Predator 13 is about a 1 foot longer and 4 pounds heavier and has a couple additional features. But the hull design and the seating on these two kayaks is identical. And even though the Predator MX is around 1 foot shorter there is the same amount of leg space inside. This kayaks are both incredibly stable making them a great choice for stand-up-fishing.

We wrote an article that completely compares these two kayaks. Learn the exact differences.

Predator MX Kayak review

Predator MX Kayak


Read More About The Predator MX

Heron Family of Angler Kayaks includes: Heron 9, Heron 11XT and Twin Heron Angler.

Below is an image of the Heron 9 Angler Kayak. This is the simplest and most inexpensive Fishing Kayak Old Town produces. Don’t confuse inexpensive with cheaply made everything this company produces is quality the Heron 9 just doesn’t have a lot of extra features find on the more expensive kayaks.

A lot of people do love this kayak. It’s fun, lightweight, comfortable. Easy to paddle and tracks well in the water. Full Review

Old Town Heron 9 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak, 9-Feet 6-Inch, Camo

Old Town Kayaks reviews

Heron 9 Angler

Heron 11Xt Angler Kayak - see the image below. This is a step up form the Heron 9. Basically a little longer and in the rear there is a fairly larger storage hatch. There’s not much difference in price the 11Xt will probably cost you $40-50 more.

Old Town Heron 11Xt review

Heron 11Xt review

See the Twin Heron Angler Kayak below. Perfect platform if your got a fishing buddy. It’s 13.5 feet long over 31 inches width. This tandem kayak will provide you and your partner a lot of space. And the hull is designed not to pop up in case you are sitting alone in the rear. This is a very unique design you can read more at our review.

Old Town Twin Heron Angler

Twin Heron Angler

Old Town Vapor Angler Kayaks: Vapor 10 and Vapor 12XT. This are perfect for the weekend warrior that wants to take a step up in features fro the Heron family. We still haven’t receive an image of the Vapor 12XT to add to this page below is the Vapor 10.

The Old Town Vapor 10 is a stable, efficient and roomy kayak and can be purchased for right around $500. Price vs Value this is an extermely popular choice. Read our full review.

See The Best Price

Vapor fishing Kayak Review

Vapor fishing Kayak Review


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