Old town heron 11xt angler kayak reviews

by frank on October 12, 2013

If you’re new to the sport of kayak fishing then you might not exactly be sure about which companies out there make the best or high quality kayaks.  One highly reputable company is the Old Town Canoe company. This company has been around for over 100 years and has an outstanding reputation for producing both quality canoes and kayaks.


The Heron family of kayaks at Old Town are great for beginners or for anglers looking for a simple kayak. The family consists of three different kayaks:

  1. Tandem kayak
  2. Heron 9 angler kayak
  3. Heron 11Xt angler kayak
Old Town Heron 11Xt review

Heron 11Xt Angler

All three are compact, light weight and easy to paddle and maneuver. If you’re a casual angler seeking an affordable but well built, high functional and very durable option then any of the three listed above would be a good fit for you.

If we can tell you one thing you need to definitely understand and consider before buying any on the list above is all three are sit-inside kayaks. There’s nothing wrong with this style. These are great if you are fishing mostly calm and warmer waters. If you will be fishing rough, cold waters then you will want to stay away from sit-inside kayaks in this instance you will want to find the right sit-on-top model instead.

When and where would be perfect for using a sit-inside fishing kayak? In the summertime on a lake or bays.

Heron 11Xt angler kayak vs. Heron 9 angler

These two kayaks are very similar. The hull design and the seating area are pretty much identical. Both are light weight and easy to paddle and maneuver on the water. Both are great choices for beginners. But a couple differences do exist.

Storage capacity - The 11Xt model has a large sealing storage hatch the Heron 9 doesn’t have a storage area.

Mounted Rod Holder – Present on the 11Xt absent on the Heron 9.

Length – The 11Xt kayak is 1.5 feet longer and provides greater leg space.

These are the main differences. There’s also a small price difference the 11xt will be priced right above $500 while the Heron 9 is priced right under $500.

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