New 2014 Quantum Tour MG Baitcast Reel

by frank on January 1, 2014

Available in December 1st of 2014, see the link below for the best price.

Overview of the Quantum Tour MG Baitcast Reel: MG stands for Magnesium

While bass fishing this past summer, July (2013) with a couple buddies on a small lake in Michigan the discussion moved to Magnesium fishing reels. This was when I first learned about the NEW Quantum Tour Magnesium Baitcast Reel. 

We had been sipping on a few cold beers it didn’t take long for this once civil discussion to turn into an argument. And for once I was just the bystander!!! First, it was whether or not Magnesium reels were good to use when saltwater fishing, then it moved to an argument on the best priced Magnesium reels.

See The Best Price

I agree with the first friend saying, Magnesium reels are not good for the saltwater environment. Not to say they can’t be used but if you do, then you will need to take great care of them, cleaning thoroughly after each use. Seems like too much of a hassle to me.

Then argument turned to the price of magnesium reels.

One friend argued, that unless you bought one used, you can’t find a magnesium baitcaster reel for under $300. That’s when we learned about the Quantum Tour Magnesium Baitcast Reel, which will hit the market in December of 2014. Below is an excellent review video we found:


What Exactly is Magnesium?

An element on the periodic table, a metal with the atomic number 12, it’s light weight and strong. However, it does corrode fairly easily when exposed to a saltwater solution. This is way we don’t recommend reels made out of magnesium to be used for saltwater fishing.

Features of the Quantum Tour MG Baitcast Reel

  • The First magnesium (Mg) baitcaster made by Quantum Performance and to date 2014 the only Mg reel for under $300.
  • Available in right and left hand retrieve.
  • Available Gear ratios: 7.0:1 (IPT 28 inches) and 6.3:1 (IPT 26 inches)
  • Line capacity: 110 yard of 12 pound mono or 30 pound braid.
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces.
  • Total of 11 bearing (1 in the clutch).
  • Drilled out Aluminum main gear and drive shaft.
  • Internal cast control system.
  • Adjustable brake weights, six different settings 0-6.
  • Adjustable spoon tension knob.

Reputation of Quantum Performance Reel

If you are a serious angler you probably have a preference in reels, Shamino, Abu Garcia, Daiwa or maybe possibly Penn. And some are serious fans if Quantum Performance. You might have came across a few comments complaining about Quantum Performance but I would bet this is only form a guy blowing off steam in a forum who has a preference for a different company’s products.


If you are interested in purchasing a new magnesium fishing reel the Quantum Tour MG Baitcast Reel is worth checking out. Since it was just hitting the market as we wrote this review we have not yet been able to learn exactly what people think. As we learn more about the reaction, good or bad, we will report back.

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