Native Watercraft Kayaks for Sale

by frank on September 16, 2013

Below you will find a list, accompanied by short descriptions of a few of the top kayaks manufactured by the company Native Watercraft. Also provided are links to more in-depth reviews.

Just to let you know the best fishing kayaks made by this company run right around $1000 to $1200.

Curious to learn about how Native Watercraft fishing kayaks rate compared to other brands? One good example is their Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak (the first one on the list below) many anglers rate this kayak a very close second to the Jackson Cuda in the $1000 price range. This is no small feat since the Jackson Cuda is one of the most popular kayaks ever built.

Reasons to buy a Native Watercraft Kayak

Is the price right? These are not exactly the cheapest kayaks around. They typically run between $1000 – $1200. Sure you can find cheaper but if this is around what you were planning on spending then it may interest you to know that many experienced kayak anglers rank this brand as being similar to kayaks twice their price.

Satisfying customers!!! This company works extremely hard asking questions to find out what they new to improve or add to their design. One year cusotmers wanted the kayaks to be more stable to allow better stand-up-fishing and they went to work to provide this in their Slayer 12 foot kayak.

They also pay close attention to the needs of women, kids, beginners. Native Watercraft really listens to their customers when designing their kayaks. If you are a woman, or buying a kayak for your child or if you’re just starting out these kayaks may match your needs better than any other brand.

The Best Native Watercraft Kayaks for Sale

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak

Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak

Very well put together with a tunnel hull design. The overall design is rather simple but but they are a lot of different accessories that can be added on. This boat is know for its comfortable smooth and stable ride. Comes with the Air-Lite adjustable seat, plenty of room and strong adjustable foot braces. Good for sitting and stand-up fishing.  If a combination of comfort and performance is what you’re looking for then you definitely need to consider the Ultimate 12 model. Read the full review.

 Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak

Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak

Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak

Need versatility? The Manta Ray can be used both as a fishing and recreational kayak. Great in fresh water, salt water, calm and whitewater. Looking for a good camping kayak? This one is perfect. Guarantee once you experience the versatility and comfort this model provides you will keep it till it sinks. Read more.

Slayer Kayak 12 foot

Slayer Kayak 12 foot

A favorite of many anglers and we must agree this kayak is a beautiful piece of work many anglers The seating is elevated making it extremely easy to go from sitting to standing. The seating can also be adjusted down if you choose. When the seat is in the high position this creates a ton of extra storage area under the seat. There’s tons of mounting areas allowing easy customization with your favorite accessories. Quiet, smooth and fast through the water. Read the full review


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