Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle (6-Foot)

by frank on May 4, 2015

Lifetime Kids Kayak with Paddle The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak includes a paddle and costs under $200, closer to $150. The ergonomic design of the seating area helps to enhance the development of balance and motor skills in young kids.

Of course this 6-foot model is designed for kids. The manufacture recommends it for kids (age 5 and up). But it is able to carry up to 130 pounds. So, if you are an adult weighing under 130 pounds there is no reason you couldn’t hop on and take it out for paddle. The seating area or cockpit provides about 3.5 – 4 foot of leg room (or 42 – 48 inches).

Best water environment for the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak (ocean, lake, river?) Learn this and more product details below:

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle

Lifetime 6 foot kayak for kids

What water conditions was this 6 foot Lifetime kayak made for? If you are currently looking for something your kid can take out in light ocean surf then this is a good choice.

The hull of this model was specific made with a Twin Fin Design which greatly assists in tracking and stability in the ocean surf water environment.

 lifetime Youth Ocean surf kayak under 200

Ride the Ocean Surf

However, the kayak is still a good choice for lakes, bays and slow moving rivers. But if you are looking for an inexpensive kayak (under $200) for your kid to take out in the ocean surf this would be a good match.

Other features 

As we already remarked the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak comes with a paddle and is 6 feet in length.

Lightweight it weighs only 20 pounds making it easy for smaller kids to pick it up and carry on the beach.

Compact Which makes storage and putting it in the back of an SUV (if you own one) easy.

Durable it is constructed from Durable HDPE Construction with UV-Protection & Will Not Fade, Crack or Peel.

Anything bad to say 

Lifetime-Youth-Wave-Kayak-with-Paddle-6-FeetTo finish our review of the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak (6 Foot) we visited some online sites where we could read the reviews left by other customers. Overall, people had a lot of positive words to say about this kids model. But did we read anything negative?

The 3 out of 5 stars was the worst rating we saw online from a customer. Which isn’t terrible. The majority of customers gave this model a 5 out of 5 stars rating. As you can see in the image.

What was the reasoning behind the lowest 3 star rating? Well, the person complains about the scupper holes which are there for draining the kayak.

In the 3-star review the customer gives the impression these holes are a defects. But in fact they are specifically designed scupper holes for that serve the purpose of draining the kayak if it takes on water.

Here are some of the more positive remarks about this Lifetime kayak made for kids:

Lifetime Wave Kayak for kids review

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