YakPads Comfortable Kayak Seat Cushion for your Butt

by frank on October 5, 2014

YakPads Gel-Filled Cushion for your Butt

Yak Pads Butt CushionAs you can see from the ratings, this cushion has done a excellent job at making a lot of butts happy. Highly recommend for kayak fishing when your sitting on your butt for hours on end.

Different kayak seats or pads exist specifically designed to relieve pain or discomfort experienced in specific regions of the body. As far as kayaking goes the main regions where pain is usually felt: Upper back, lower back and the butt or bottom region.

Many kayaks, especially those in the lower price range many times won’t come with a padded seat. If they do, it’s usually a lower grade, cheaper seat.

It will be up to the each individual to buy a more comfortable replacement seat or make due with what came with the kayak if anything. The hard material the kayak is made from is definitely not fun to sit on if your out fishing for hours.

We have recommended other seats which provide comfort and support for lower and upper back pain here we want to recommend a gel-filled seat cushion for those of you with a sore butt. This is a great inexpensive solution (Price $35).

Gel filled Paddle Saddle Cushion

Made in the USA Specifically for your Bottom

Will it fit your in your kayak? The pad is universal and knowing its dimensions, 12″x16″ and tapering to 9 inches in the back. We hate to say 100% because there’s always an exception but should fit nicely in the seating area of about 99.99999% of all kayaks on the market.

You see those three loops in the picture? those are the stabilizer which are used to tie it down. We do know not all kayaks will have the appropriate or exact set up needed to take advantage of these tie down loops.

But we also know many kayak anglers who use the YadPads Gel-Filled seat cushion and they say it’s perfectly fine if you don’t tie it down your weight will keep it in place and the bottom is made out of slip-resistant material.

The overall thickness of the pad is only one inch and when you sit down with your weight you will thin it out even more so you don’t need to worry about it messing with your center of gravity.

The type of kayaking we would recommend this product for: Fishing and recreational kayaking. It’s probably not the best choice for whitewater due to all the aggressive and fast body movement required in this sport.

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