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by frank on August 7, 2014

Tips and Stability Drills for Beginners in Kayak Fishing

Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing Basics


The vast majority of people who take up kayak fishing as a hobby are anglers first and have little to no prior experience paddling or even sitting in a kayak. But to enjoy the sport of kayaking fishing and also to become successful an anglers learn being comfortable and to trust the stability of the kayak.

Some people are willingly to dive right in. Others are a little less confident in learning and doubting themselves or they simply might not have the direction on how to begin to learn.

We came across the video below by the Wilderness Systems Kayak company and wanted to share it. In it are some great tips and also a couple drills to really begin to learn to trust the stability of your kayak.

Fast forward through the introduction to the 47 second clip on the video to begin learning the tips and drills offered.

Summary of the Kayak Tips and Drills

We just want to regurgitate a few of the main points from the video in case you missed them:

- It’s best to do what’s taught on a warm day. Take all the fishing equipment out of your kayak to begin.

- Take your kayak out to an area on the water you fish. Once, you have found a spot, as an exercise lean side to side in your boat.

The majority of fishing kayaks made today are between 29 and 33 inches wide and provide extreme stable on the water. But you can still flip them. So take your kayak out on a warm day without your gear and lean side to side you will feel the tipping point.

This should help your confidence.

- When you have found your spot, one thing you might want to try is to intentionally flip your kayak. Lean to one side. You might get scared and pull back to the center. But try again, try leaning further and further with each attempt.

Eventually you will flip. This is a good thing to do, it will help you realize how far you can actually lean before you flip. Go to an area that’s deep enough and though your paddle away when you perform this.

By flipping your kayak you will also be able to practice your re-entry into the boat. This is very important as well.

-Seated Stability Drill (found at the 7 minute and 30 second from of the video) – This drill is for fishing standing up in a kayak. If you’re completely new try it in shallow water the first time. Helps build your familiarity to the kayak, balance and decrease your fear trying to stand.

The video on this page is from the Wilderness Kayak company. If you watched the video and liked the looks of the Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks featured in the video, visit our homepage to find links to their reviews.

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