Intex 4 Person Inflatable Boat does it Puncture Easy

by frank on July 22, 2014

Have ever visited Amazon or other sites to read customer reviews on the product you are thinking of buying? We like to read the BAD things people are saying. Some of these negative reviews (rants) make us laugh others are very useful when deciding whether or not to purchase the product. Today, we visited Amazon and read about the Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set. 

First let us show you it’s overall rating:

Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set buy

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Not too shabby. Out of 50 total customers leaving there opinions 37 gave this product 5-stars and another 9 gave it 4-stars. But of course there’s always that one little complainer that has had major problems.

What Were the Complaints

We are not calling the guy who left this comment on the Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set a liar. But it does always make us wonder when so many others have left such positive reviews.

intex 4 complaint

What we found sort of funny was the response one person left to what the person said above:

intex 4 kayak review

It’s hard to say who’s right here. The guy complaining may have actually received a defected product. Or they could be a habitual complainer or they could be working for a competitor and wants to throw-out a negative review (this does happen).

Price Under $300

But in our opinion, it’s hard to take their review completely serious when so many others have given this inflatable boat (with a price tag of under $300) a 5-star rating… If it was so easily punctured as they say you would think there would be more complaints about this issue.

  The 2-star rating we want to mention

Wow, the Intex 4 does have a very large carrying capacity, 880 lbs. There was a reviewer who left a 2-star rating on Amazon which addressed the number of people this inflatable boat was built for. The company says it’s a 4-person boat.

The reviewer says this boat is only good for two people… If you notice in the picture below there are two smaller girls stuffed into the corner. It sort of looks spacious.

Technically, it can handle four people. Two girls and two guys. However, we think it would be a little crowded for 4 men to sit in. We would rate this best for three men.

Intex 4 Infaltable boat set review

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