Hobie Mirage i9s Inflatable Kayak

by frank on January 17, 2014

IF you have been thinking of buying the Hobie Mirage i9s kayak then you have come to the right place! Get your credit card out. Yes, we know this is an expensive model but we are going to do whatever it takes to get your wallet out of your pants so you can buy this kayak right now!

All joking aside welcome to our review of the Hobie i9s inflatable kayak!

Up until recently we have never been huge fans of inflatable kayaks, we have always sort of looked at these as simple pool toys. But times are a changing! Recent advances in technology have allowed for tremendous improvements in inflatables.

Below we will discuss the advantages and also the impressive features and specifications and why a person might want to buy this model.

Hobie Mirage i9S inflatable review

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Are There Any Advantages?

1. Not a lot of storage space at home? It comes with a storage bag, just roll it up and store it in your closet, attic or wherever you have the space. The dimensions of the bag are 30″x 25″x 12″.

2. Going on vacation? Another huge advantage of the Hobie i9s kayak, it’s portable and light weight! Bring it on the plane with you the next time you go on vacation! The storage bag comes with wheels so you can pull it behind you just like you would a piece of luggage.

3. Inflatables always provide a higher level of comfort compared to hard shell.

4. Maneuverability on the water.

Features Specific To Hobie Mirage i9s Inflatable Kayak

If reading our review has already bored you, we are sure it has… You may want to take a look at this video to see how it handles on the Pacific Ocean. In the video it is rigged up for fishing.

Did you take your wallet out of your pants yet? Ready to buy? Let us list the more important features.
MirageDrive - You can paddle but there is also the built in peddle propulsion system known as MirageDrive. Provides countless advantages. Especially if you plan to fish.
“Drop Stitch” – Thousands of threads went into the construction which gives the Mirage i9s rigidity similar to a hard shell kayak.
Ride for Hours - The comfort provided by the inflatable high back support seat is outstanding.
Storage -  It’s probably hard to put a storage hatch on an inflatable kayak… The one weakness the Hobie Mirage i9s has is there are no waterproof storage hatches. However, you will find bungee areas on both the bow and stern sides for storage on top.
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