How to choose the Best Fly Fishing Kayak

by frank on December 10, 2013

I  know with absolute certainty this applies to you, because we ALL have seen a fishing spots we wish we could fish but just couldn’t figure out how to get back into that hard to reach spot. This is common among our kind. It may be a narrow inlet, a cove, a marshy area, we know its never fished, so there must either be some real monsters or gobs and gobs of fish back there just waiting for us.

So what can you do to gain access to these spot?

If you’re interested in getting more out of fly fishing, if becoming the best in your area interests you then we would like to give you a suggestion. Maybe you have heard of this, maybe you haven’t. Do you know what’s growing in popularity?

The combination of fly fishing and kayaks.

Using a kayak allows you to gain access to spots that you just can’t reach from the main shore, in waders or in a powerboat. You will be able to got to those hard to reach spots and land those big monsters, you will fish where no man has ever fished before. Well, at least not for a long time.

But before you race out to buy a new fly fishing kayak, we want to review a few important points you should consider before making your purchase.

How to Choose a Fishing Kayak

There are three important qualities you need:

A wide kayak.  At least 30 inches wide, this will help provide great stability when you decide to stand and cast. Stability will also provide you comfort while sitting.

A clean deck. There’s a lot of fishing kayaks with cluttered decks and many compartments. All this clutter catch your line. If you are buying for the purpose of fly fishing then you want a clean, long deck. However, if you are forced to use one with a cluttered deck you can try laying a towel over the parts that will catch your line.

High Seat. Another important feature you want is you definitely want a sit-on-top with an extra high seat. Being elevated from the deck will make casting much easier to cast and also standing-up when you need extra leverage.

Something you might also want to consider is a peddle-driven kayak. These free up your hands to give you the ultimate fishing advantage, Hobie makes some great models.

We review many different fly fishing kayak models, one model that is very popular is the Native Watercraft Redfish.

Another Platform for Fly Fishing

I would rather have a kayak, however, there are also platforms called Paddleboards, these are more popular with the younger generation. These are paddled from the standing position. Since you need to paddle standing the main advantage paddleboards offer is they allow the angler to better spot the fish.

If you are interested you can visit our paddleboard review page.

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