Hobie Kayak Sidekick AMA Kit – Increase Kayak Stability

by frank on December 8, 2014

Why do you need the Hobie Kayak Sidekick AMA Kit

Hobie Kayaks are great to own and extremely stable on the water. But if you are sailing, fishing or maybe shooting photographs out on the water from your Hobie then you may need something for increased stability, this is exactly what the Sidekick AMA kit is designed to provide. These are also great to improve the confidence of beginners on the water.

If your angler who likes to stand-up and fish these these stabilizers are a great accessory.  We ended up buying these because we like to take our big dog out with us on the kayak. After he flipped us over a few times!!! But since we have installed these they put an end to the flipping no matter how excited he gets out on the water.

This kit is priced at $175, our first thought was a little too expensive so we looked around at other options (we did find some cheaper) but we found most kayak stabilizers are under this price range. Like we said, we did find some cheaper but you probably will still be paying over $100 no matter what you go with.

Inflatable Hobie Kayak Stabilizers

Read reviews from owners and see the best price

Why did we end up buying the Hobie Kayak Sidekick AMA Kit? We could have bought something cheaper and we could have even bought more expensive stabilizers that were rated higher in customer reviews. Ultimately we decided on this kit because we own a Hobie Kayak and wanted to add these since they were manufactured by the same company.

The parts that come with the AMA Kit

Hobie kayak stability kit

The stabilizing pontoons are inflatable. The height you put them at in the water is adjustable. If you put them too low then they will create some drag. What we recommend is putting them at the highest level so they barely touch the water. Only when you heel over they will make contact with the water and stabilize you from there.

Read reviews and opinions on how easy installation is 

There’s not many parts to this kit and the installation is fairly simply. These work with just about any kayak, not just Hobies. If you are looking for added stability whether it be for sailing, stand-up fishing, photograph or for whatever reason the AMA Hobie Kit provides a great solution.

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