Hobie Kayak Mirage i12s

by frank on January 31, 2014

If you’re interested in finding the best 12 foot inflatable kayak available today (2014) then you need not look any further than the Hobie Kayak Mirage i12s. It’s not cheap! Not sure what you were planning to spend, this model has a price of right around $1900.

If you haven’t fallen out of your chair or clicked off the page due to sticker shock then we would like to review this kayak for you and give you our opinion on whether or not this is a good buy.

And if you happen to be reading this and actually already own this model please leave a comment below letting us know what you think of your Hobie i12s.

Hobie Mirage i12S Inflatable Kayak i12s review

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What we will Complain About

One great advantages of buying a high quality inflatable is the portability. The ability to take your kayak anywhere.

Included with the Hobie i12s kayak is a rolling storage bag.

Planning an ocean vacation? All you need to do is roll this kayak up and place it in the storage bag and you can bring it on the plane as you would any other piece of luggage.

But here is our complaint, it rolls fine when we picking it up by the strap the strap ripped at the corner.

This might be a small complaint but just wanted to let you know the kayak weighs around 60 pounds in the bag so use the strap at your own risk. Here’s a video review of the kayak, you will like this especially if you plan on doing some fishing.

Hobie The King of Innovation

Have you ever paddled on a sit-on-top kayak? Just about every company manufactures and sells this popular style.

#1 Innovation - Hobie invented the sit-on-top in the 1990′s.

Have you ever seen, wanted or used a kayak with foot peddles?

#2 Innovation - Hobie invented this feature with their patented MirageDrive.

The Hobie i12s includes both these innovations, it’s a sit-on-top with pedals (MirageDrive) but also includes a third important innovation that applies specifically to inflatable kayaks and this their #3 Innovation - Drop Stitch Floor.

What exactly is Drop Stitch Floor? Thousands of threads interconnected throughout the body of the kayak giving it great rigidity and structure when inflated.

The structure and rigidity are so great you would think this is a hardshell kayak the first time you saw but unlike hardshells it still provides the advantage portability in the travel bag.

What Features Are Included

Besides having foot pedals what else do you get?

Up front is a corkscrew sealed 8 inch hatch for storing all your items

Thickly padded, self inflated, high back and lumbar support seat

A retractable rudder in the rear. You have controls at your finger tips found on the side of your seat which allows you to retract the rudder when you don’t need it.

Ahoy there’s a sail mount on board! Hobie makes the best sail kits in the industry.

On the deck in the rear you will find a large bungee area providing extra storage capacity.

Then there’s rugged carrying handle and also a paddle keep on the side.

This is a 12 foot sit-on-top inflatable kayak, its 36 inches wide and has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds, the hull is constructed out of 1000 Denier PVC.


Do we recommend the Hobie Kayak Mirage i12s? Hell YES! Well, let us qualify this recommendation. If you have $1900 to spend and want one of the best inflatable kayaks available then this would be one of the models at the top of our list.

But if you don’t have $1900 to spend then NO you need to find something in your price range, see other Hobie Inflatables.

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